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THIS TOOL IS A MUST HAVE in your toolbox! I own a body shop in Pittsburgh, Pa and we often see hard to work with rusty bolts. The coil kit is an essential tool because of the speed, safety, and how well it works. Using this tool assures that you will not burn anything the way you would if having to resort to using a torch on difficult corroded bolts. I would recommend this tool for anyone, individuals and businesses alike because it is easy to use and efficient. This tool is also great for all mechanical work!

Jeff Broniszewski
Taylor Auto Body

I use my Inductor all the time in the farm shop! When working on rusty old equipment or semi trucks. The mini-ductor works as well or better then the conventional torch! I love having so many options for size of bolt or hard to reach spots! I wouldn’t run a shop without one! Norb Jillich you the man!

Austin O’Neil

We have new equipment with very low tolerances that we need to service. It is exposed to high humidity levels, and there is rust / corrosion build-up between the parts. Since there is a no-flame / spark policy, the inductor allows us to heat the parts for easier removal. What I like most about the product is that it’s lightweight, has a range of accessories to suit our applications and is reliable.

Ashley S.
Berger Peat Moss

walter morgan testimonial

My only wish is that I had this technology decades ago. It is so much safer than a torch and truly minimizes collateral damage.

Yesterday I used the Bearing Buddy coiled on a sleeve over a gearbox output shaft that had about 30 years of rust holding it together. It took multiple cycles of heat, allowing a cooling period in between, but it worked, and the leaking gearbox oil did not ignite and now I will be able to replace the bearings and seals.

Two of the four corners on one of the flanges on the sleeve had been bent from trying to use a puller to assist in the removal process. I wrapped the Bearing Buddy around them and after heating them, I was able to straighten them out.

I am so glad to finally have my own MD-700. The first three times that I used one of these was when I borrowed one from a friend and I was hoping that I could get one of my own.

The third time I used one was on a Dodge Caravan that had the left front strut pull itself apart when the top shaft nut pull through the top Bearing Plate decompressing the Spring Coil. Everything was being pressed down with no room left in the Wheel Well to maneuver anything. The seized steel tapered stud of the Outer Tie-Rod End in the corroded aluminum Steering Knuckle was impossible to safely remove. A friend loaned me his Mini-Ductor II (again) and it saved the day (again).

Before this, the Mini-Ductor II was already o my “Wish List”, but I was still putting it off. Then when my Brother-in-Law needed the seals changed on his Roto-Tiller that had 30 years of rust holding the Tine Sleeves on the Output Shaft, my wife encouraged me to get my own Mini-Doctor II. It was a major task but it finally worked. The heat on the left side from about a dozen cycles of heating and cooling (where the major leak was) helped loosen the right side in only two cycles. The granulated powder of the rust literally poured out when the left sleeve came off the shaft.

This is significant technology and it is truly appreciated. What an amazing tool. Thank you Induction Innovations.

Walter Morgan

I collect tools - both the basic, wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers... and specialized tools like pullers and digital multimeters... some of which might never be used but are there so I won't hesitate to start a repair for fear that I won't have what's required to finish it.

Ever since repairing two induction bearing heaters for a friend, I have been intrigued with the principle. When the opportunity came up to purchase a Mini-Ductor II with additional coil set at a price I could afford, I went for it, realizing there were specific applications where my torch either could not be used or its proximity to combustibles was not safe to use. Induction heat offers a controlled localized intense heat immune to non-ferrous alloys, glass, paint, plastic, and flammables like gasoline that you just cannot get other ways, making it a reach-for tool in many situations.

And with the Mini-Ductor II it was affordable.....

Don Anderson

I just wanted to take a moment to rave about your Mini-Ductor.  Working as an automotive technician, in the northeast, this tool is essential for removing rusted fasteners. I have worked in the industry for 30 years. I wish that I had found out about your product sooner. You have a customer for life. Your staff has been incredibly helpful and they really know their stuff.

Jaye Tinnell

Today was the first time I used my Mini-Ductor Venom. I was working on a 14 year old van doing exhaust work. The Venom got all the nuts red hot in seconds and they came off very easily. I like the Venom because I do not have to worry about damaging other components or setting things on fire as you would when working with an acetylene torch in tight places. I would give the Mini-Ductor Venom a solid 5 out of 5. 

Ryan Topliffe

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy using our Mini-Ductor II. 

Over the 88 years that our family has been in the Ford business we've seen tools come and go. Some are worthless gadgets, and others you can't live without. The first time we used a Mini-Ductor, it was clear that this was a totally new, and far superior way to remove rusted fasteners. A tool our technicians love!

For years the torch was the only choice, but with the increasing complexity of today's automobiles, whipping a torch around under the hood can cause more harm than good. Torches heat indiscriminately, but the Mini-Ductor gives our technicians the ability to pinpoint heat exactly where it is needed, and not risk damaging delicate sensors or wiring.

Not only is the Mini-Ductor safer than torches, its ease of use makes the jobs go much quicker. That increased productivity means more profit for our technicians, and a quick return on the cost of the tool.

This is a great tool, highly recommended, we use ours all the time.

One day with the Mini-Ductor, and you might want to park your torches for good... it's that good!

Scott James, Dale James Ford, Inc.

After the second time I used the Mini-Ductor II, it paid for itself.  Straightening a bent sway bar, on the vehicle, without removing it took 10 minutes.  Would have been a one hour repair otherwise.

The second time rivets in a ball joint on a 15 year old truck would not come out.  Heated them to "cherry red" in less than a minute, and were removed effortlessly.  Have been in the auto repair business for 33 years and I wish I would know about it sooner.

 Jim B.    

John and I would like to thank you for your gracious donation of the Inductor® Pro-Max to the Nationwide Claims Training Organization here in Columbus, Ohio.

Our training facility is a fully functional auto body shop with the latest in auto-body repair technology and equipment. Our shop has Chief EZ-Liner with a Genesis Lazar Measuring system, a new Garmat Downdraft spray booth and even a new Car-O-Tronic Squeeze type resistant spot welder. We train claims associates from all over the country. Our training consists of the students actually doing body work, painting, pulling a unibody project, learning about suspension and steering, hybrids and a whole host of other technical subjects. Our students even do hands on MIG welding in one of our classes. Our thinking is that the best way to train a claims associate to handle auto claims is to have them actually do the work that would be done by an auto body technician and see what's involved in each operation. They will have a much better idea of how much time it takes to repair a fender if they have actually made that repair themselves.

During our training we spend a lot of time talking about R+I issues. It is during these sessions that we demonstrate how to R&I moldings, name plate, emblems, etc. The Induction Heater is the "star of the show" in that segment. Again, our goal is to expose these claims associates to this latest technology so that they can in turn educate shop they work with who may not be aware of the capabilities of this equipment. We show how it heats rusted parts and talk about how it can be used to remove seam sealer, stripes, decals, sound deadening pads and safely separate panels that are adhesively bonded together. We hand out your brochures to each student after each demonstration.

Steve, thank you again for your generous donation and please take us up on the invitation to stop by some day to see our facility and let us treat you to dinner at our Northpointe Conference Center dining hall.

Nationwide Insurance

Over five years ago, you introduced us to the Inductor Induction Heating System for the Collision Repair Industry. The Inductor has done everything you the manufacturer claimed it did and then some. We have used it for getting the blush (moisture) out of paint. Saving us the need for a redo. From removing glass all the way down to loosening seized hardware your tool has helped with, not only faster labor times but also from, untimely and unnecessary R&Is, and has reduced the need for consumables immensely. We have also saved some parts that we normally had to discard.

I first talked of the Inductor, at an OE panel discussion at NACE several years ago. At the time I told the audience of an innovative tool we were working with called the Inductor. I had no idea at the time how many different uses the product would have.

We just recently acquired your Rosebud attachment for heating heavier gauge steels and aluminum along with your Mini-Ductor®, the results have been phenomenal, I can't see at this time how you can make them any better (but don't stop trying)! I'll be looking forward to any advances. Once you start using this tool it's hard to remember how you did certain procedures without it.

Leave it to a body man to bring such innovative technology to the industry. You have most definitely helped improve and change the way our industry operates.

Thank you.

H. Daryl Porter
Global Service Program Manager
Paint Platform / Body Structures
Daimler Chrysler Corp.

I wanted to thank you for offering the collision repair industry a truly high quality piece of equipment. We recently purchased the Inductor that we bought a few years ago has changed our view.

Take for instance the 2006 C 230 Mercedes trunk floor (a vehicle we repair every week), it is made from SMC fiberglass and is urethaned in to the rear body panel and the rails. The book pays 5.5 hrs to replace and we can do it with the Inductor in 1 hour, which is a savings in time of 4.5 hrs, multiplied by the prevailing body rate, this should pay for the Inductor in as few as 3 jobs.

We at IMPLEX love our Inductor and cannot live without it!

Thanks for your innovation.

Julio Piazza

As a daily user of the Inductor for the past five years, I can state that it is one of the most useful tools to come into our industry, during my 40 year career. When it comes to releasing adhesives, it beats all other methods hands down. Induction Innovations® machine has done a great job for us.

Mike West
Southtowne Auto Rebuild

It is really a great tool to reduce time and remove many parts which in the past had to be replaced due to removal damage. For fixed glass, seam sealers, stripes/decals, side molds, and general heating it is simply a "no-brainer" for the collision industry.

Tony Passwater
President AEII

We bought the Inductor with the idea of using it primarily for decal removals, as it was advertised. We purchased all the attachments available at the time, including the aluminum attachment for aluminum bodies. Not only did this tool function as advertised, we found it could remove windshields, side glass, body moldings and SMC panels, without damage to the part.

We saved SMC Body Panels on truck cabs that we had discarded because of damage in the past. We have removed seam sealers and spray in bed liners. We also have repaired hail damage and shrunk metal with this tool.

The aluminum attachment also has additional uses. We have removed decals on 53 trailers with ease, cutting our job labor time in half, at least.

This attachment also releases aluminum body panels on new rivetless bodies. We have removed Transparent roof panels without damaging them. As time goes on we are still finding additional uses for the Inductor. This tool is one of the best purchases we have ever made.

Mike Z.
Barnicks Truck & Equipment

I wanted to take the time and thank you for the addition to our tool arsenal. Our shop purchased the Inductor about a year and a half ago. And we use it almost every day. The initial investment seemed to be a bit pricey, but it paid for itself ten fold.

We use your product for almost everything where heat can be applied. We use it for removing quarter glass pieces and back glasses. And after having some practice with this I was able to save rubber moldings without damaging them. I'm able to remove body side moldings without destroying the OEM double face tape, as well as, removing emblems, stubborn decals, nuts and bolts, tight tie rods and even frozen bed fasteners are broken loose easily.

I also found a new use for the Inductor, in using it to strip off spray on bed liner. If a bed side is damaged near the bed rail where the liner is, I can use the heat pad and the liner peels off easily. No one can mask this liner without overspray due to the inconsistent level of lines. So why not strip it off instead of grinding? There is no dust, no feathering and no mess!

Once again the Inductor has been a great investment for our company. It saves time, money and materials. Nice work Induction Innovations!

Steve Wallace Jr.
Marengo Auto Body and Glass

May I take just a minute of your time to tell you how satisfied we are with the Inductor we purchased last year for our body shop. It saves our techs time on repairs and as you know, time is money. Our service dept has used it for frozen bolt removal. We have experimented with hail dent removal, but we aren't as good as I think we will be after more practice. Thank you again for a great tool for our industry!!!

Dave Arnold
Tyler Ford Body Shop

Thank you Induction Innovations for introducing me to this awesome tool. I cannot begin to express the amount of time and money this product has saved our company. The ability to remove urethane installed auto glass without damaging the glass, its molding or the auto itself is invaluable. Because of the ease of learning to use this tool, a technician or dismantler can become productive almost immediately. Anyone in the automobile industry that deals with glass that I have demonstrated this tool for has bought one immediately. In our 30 years of experience in the automobile industry, we have never endorsed another tool or product. Thank you very much.

Brian and David Vailiancoart
Hebert's Used Auto Parts

Just thought you would be interested to know I was one of your first customers (NACE 2000)! I did just recently try someone elses, which brand I will not mention, it was much bulkier and did not work as fast as yours does. It just shows that looks are not everything!!!

Please continue upgrading your machine with new attachments and I promise I will never try anyone else and continue to be loyal to you.

Robbie Berman
Robbie's Complete Automotive Specialties

Mercedes-Benz USA is always researching new products, new tools and new methods of servicing our customers' vehicles during regular service intervals or during repairs. We continuosly look for the best products on the market which afford our technicians the opportunity to service the vehicle in a timely and safe manner.

I had a quick introduction to your product at the 2002 NACE Expo but didn't recognize the convenience this product offered or its many uses. After hearing from several Mecedes-Benz Collision Repair Centers that purchased your product and have raved about it I feel I missed something.

Raymond Coker
Instructor, Collision Repair Training

I have been working as an auto mechanic for 42 years. I received my miniductor 2 today. Absolutely amazing tool. Wish I would have had one years ago. I live in an area that has a lot of rust from road salt. I am constantly dealing with seized bolts. This tool will most definitely make my life easier. Thank you, thank you.......

Randy Chevrier

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