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Induction Heating for Agriculture & Farming Equipment

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Induction Heating for Agriculture & Farming Equipment

You may have heard about induction heating used for heat treating, but did you know that it can also be used to remove seized metal parts on combines, sprayers, tractors, and other farming equipment?

Both the Mini-Ductor® Venom and Inductor® Series from Induction Innovations offer farmers and agriculture mechanics an ability to remove seized parts in a fraction of the time as any other method.

Automotive Roots

Induction heating is commonly used by automotive mechanics and body shops to remove a wide variety of seized ferrous metal parts (and some non-ferrous, including aluminum) in a fraction of the time it takes to use an oxygen-acetylene torch or any other method of removal – it only takes about 15 seconds to heat a nut red hot.

Induction heating is also far safer to use than torches because you'll never start a fire or damage plastic parts in close proximity to metal parts needing removal.

Farming Applications

In the agriculture industry, induction heaters are ideal for removing stuck or rusted bearings, bolts and just about any other ferrous metal part on farming equipment, such as planters, augers and balers. Not only can induction heat be used on your farming equipment, but it can also be used to remove Ford bed bolts and Dodge caliper bolts.

Induction heating used on farming equipment is also far safer than using an oxy-acetylene torch, which can't be used due to the flammable nature of dust and other combustible material.

Mini-Ductor or Inductor Series?

The Mini-Ductor Venom is a portable induction heater that has become a staple for mechanics. They appreciate the 1,000 Watts of power, gun-like design with trigger activated switch, LED lighting for dark places, and the wide variety of coils that can be used on many different types of parts.

The Inductor Series is useful for larger ferrous metal parts needing removal by delivering over 2,000 Watts of power. The wide variety of accessories also helps to remove non-metal parts like graphics, bedliners, windshields, quarter glass, and even dents.

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