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Mini-Ductor Venom Wins Praise from Irish Auto Magazine

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mini-Ductor Venom Wins Praise from Irish Auto Magazine

Owner John Donnellan has a new go-to tool in his award-winning bodyshop in Oranmore, Ireland. It's the Mini-Ductor® Venom™ handheld induction heater, which he describes as "an essential piece of kit" after two months of use.

"...the Mini-Ductor Venom is an excellent tool with huge time-saving benefits," Donnellan says. "We certainly wouldn't be without it in our workshop now."

Donnellan put the Mini-Ductor to the test at the request of Autobiz magazine, an Irish trade-only magazine and website, which published its review in a recent issue.

"Fast Becoming a Must-Have Piece of Equipment"

The Mini-Ductor Venom, the magazine reports, "is fast becoming a must-have piece of equipment" in garages and body shops across Ireland. To find out why, they asked Donnellan to try it out in his shop, where Donnellan reports that it has been saving his technicians time in a wide range of efforts, loosening seized nuts and bolts on crankshafts, exhaust systems and sensors, along with "many other jobs."

Like most Mini-Ductor Venom users, Donnellan was especially impressed with the tool's ability to safely apply heat in hard-to-reach spaces. This made the Mini-Ductor Venom particularly useful for wheel alignment jobs, which are a big part of Donnellan's business.

"You have targeted heat so there is no danger of burning rubber on ball joints and track rod ends," he said. "It does exactly what the makers claim, heating up metal bolts, nuts and other seized parts in seconds, so it saves a huge amount of time."

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