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PMM Reviews Mini-Ductor II CE

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine (PMM) Review | New Technology

In June, 2013, Induction Innovations and the Mini-Ductor II CE was featured and reviewed in the Professional Motor Magazine. Below is an excerpt from the article and if you'd like to read the entire article, download it here.

No Flame, Total Gain

Familiar with the frustrations associated with removing seized or corroded components? Fear not as an innovative new solution is about to turn up the temperature on those stubborn little blighters.

No doubt many of our readers will be familiar with the irritations of inadvertently damaging parts when removing them with force or indeed the headaches that can come with removing stubborn and inaccessible components. If this rings a bell then we have some good news for you as help is finally at hand.

The Mini-Ductor II™ (MD-800) handheld induction heating tool, made by US company Induction Innovations, is one of the most innovative aftermarket solutions to launch in the UK in recent years. In fact it proved so popular when we announced its introduction last year that it was awarded one of our coveted, reader-chosen ‘Top Product Awards’ for 2012. Given this positive response from PMM readers we thought it a good idea to delve a bit deeper to find out more about the tool, its uses and the overall benefits to the garage technician.

Part of the INDUCTOR® product range, this easy-to-use product uses high frequency magnetic fields that create Invisible Heat® to quickly release corroded and bonded hardware, frozen nuts and bolts, O2 sensors, track rod ends, bearings, pulleys and other hardware that are rusted/thread-locked into place.

The INDUCTOR product line of high performance induction heating tools are made in the U.S.A. by Induction Innovations Inc., a family owned company based in Elgin, IL.

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U.S. patents: 10,349,470, 6670590 and 6563096 apply to all products; D841,788, D707,804 and D728,086 apply to handheld, inline induction heaters;
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