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Applications for Body Shop Owners

Both the Inductor® Series and Mini-Ductor® Induction Heaters Are Useful for Body Shop Owners

Our induction heating tools serve the unique needs of body shop owners, including:

  • The need to find and keep good, qualified employees these days, because fewer people seem to be getting into the business
  • The need for a safe way to remove decals, pinstripes, vinyl graphics, bedliners, nameplate/emblems, or anything else attached to sheet metal
  • The need for a tool that is intuitive, easy to learn and use to affirm that the technicians won’t accidentally damage property
  • The need to assuage fears of team members that they may slip up and incur damages (such as scorching the paint) if they don’t use the tool appropriately

The Inductor is the Solution for Body Shop Owners

There is a shortage of body tech workers and there are pressures to get the work done quickly and damage-free to stay competitive. Our induction tools were designed by a body shop technician for body shop technician needs, which is the core business of Induction Innovations. Tools like the Mini-Ductor Venom or Inductor Max are useful in reducing repair time and increasing the quality of those repairs, which results in happier customers and stress-free techs.

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