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Induction Heat Applications for Glass Technicians

Both the Inductor® Series and Mini-Ductor® Induction Heaters Are Effective for Glass Techs

Our induction heating tools serve the unique needs of glass technicians, including:

  • The need for specialty glass services to ensure the job is done right
  • The need to maintain the structural integrity of vehicles during the process
  • The need to find and keep good, qualified employees
  • The need to stay up-to-date on working with sophisticated, multi-functional glass in newer vehicles
  • The need for a tool that is intuitive, easy to learn and use to affirm that the technicians won’t accidentally damage property

The Inductor is the Solution for Glass Technicians

To stay competitive in the current market, it is vital to complete work quickly and avoid causing residual damage to the surrounding vehicle. It is key for insurance purposes that structural integrity of the vehicle is not compromised during glass removal and replacement. Make sure the job is done right by using the Inductor Series Glass Blaster.

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