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Seam Sealer Removal

Your guide for removing seam sealers without damaging paint with the Inductor® Series of Induction Heaters & Flameless Torches

Applying induction heat to the metal beneath the seam sealer will separate the bond, allowing the seam sealer to be removed, especially if you need to get to spot welds to drill them out. This can be performed with the Inductor Pro-Max, Max, Inductor Lite, and Customize Your Kit.

Instructions for Removing Seam Sealers

  1. Put on gloves – the surrounding metal will get hot
  2. Move the Concentrator attachment over the seam sealer
  3. Start on a medium heat setting and control the amount of heat so it does not damage the finish or burn the seam sealer
  4. Use our L-Wedge accessory to raise the edge of the seam sealer – plastic scrapers are recommended to prevent scratching the adjacent finish
  5. Work the scraper beneath the seam sealer while heating
  6. Once enough of the seam sealer has been raised so that you can grasp it, pull the seam sealer while heating

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Seam Sealer Removal with Induction Heating
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