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Structural Steel Straightening

Your guide for strengthening structural steel with the Inductor® Series of Induction Heaters & Flameless Torches

Below is your guide for straightening steel using induction heating with the Inductor Pro-Max, Max, Inductor Lite, and Customize Your Kit.

Heating steel should only be done when approved by the vehicle maker. Many types of steel currently used in vehicle production are a type of high-strength steel. Heating this type of steel will alter the mechanical properties and weaken the part. Therefore, cold straightening is the only option. However, for lower strength steel, such as parts where the strength rating is 600 MPa and less, heat may be allowed.

When heating a bent part while straightening:

  • Notes that most vehicle makers have recommendations for maximum heat and have a set time limit
  • Some vehicle makers have a cumulative heating time; for example, if you heat a part for one minute to 1,000°F, let it cool, then heat it again to 1,000°F for two minutes – the total heat time is three minutes
  • Allow the steel to cool naturally – do not quench
  • Concentrate the heat in the damaged area to prevent cracking

When heating an area for stress relief, heat the area around the damage 2" to 3" from the center to prevent a sudden variation in the metal temperature. A sudden variation in temperature may cause changes to the metal grain structure.

With any heating, be aware of what the part being heated attaches to, what is behind the part, and how sensitive the surrounding parts are to heat.

Personal safety that must be taken into consideration when working with an induction hater include:

  • Do not touch any object with bare hands that has been near the inductor tip without ensuring it has cooled off
  • Clear the working area of combustible items to prevent these items from being ignited
  • Do not use near wiring and airbag systems – it's important to keep in mind how far beyond the tip of the induction heater that the heat zone extends
  • Do not heat aerosol cans, paint cans or other pressurized containers

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Structural Steel Straightening
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