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Inductor® Lite: Concentrator Attachment

Warms and release all types of mechanical parts in a few seconds such as bolts, screws, shock absorbers, track rod ends, etc.

Inductor Lite Concentrator Attachment

The Concentrator for the Inductor Lite is used for intense heating of rusted or stuck parts such as nuts and bolts. When using the Concentrator to loosen stuck nuts and bolts, it is OK to use full power to start with. Other uses include caulking removal from truck beds and trunks of sedans, as well as soldering large electrical connectors and metal forming.

Removing Stuck or Rusted Bolts

The Concentrator is particularly useful in removing stuck or rusted nuts and bolts. It is better than an oxy-acetylene torch in several ways:

  1. It only heats the metal parts positioned within the gap and without flames that can set fire to the many plastic parts in today's cars, reducing fire hazards
  2. Unlike the torch which tends to heat both the nut and the bolt, the Concentrator can be applied to the nut only, heating it and making it expand more than the bolt and thus easier to break loose
  3. The Concentrator plugs into the Inductor Lite, it is lightweight, portable, and ready for instant use
  4. It is not necessary to heat fasteners to a red color – only mild heat is required to free the seized fastener in most cases

Prolonged exposure of the Concentrator to extreme heat will shorten the life of the inductor and could cause un-warranted damage.

Bending Metallic Parts

The Concentrator can also be used to quickly bend small round or flat steel stock for a lot of applications.

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