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The Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater & Flameless Torch Is Useful for Boat Repair, Especially on Yachts & Diesel Ships Over 50' Long

Just as in the automotive, trucking and farming industries, boat repair technicians and master dealers are replacing their torches and sprays with the Mini-Ductor handheld induction heater: a much safer method for removing corrosive parts from boats.

How Boat Repair Techs Use the Mini-Ductor

Saltwater can do a number on diesel engines on commercial boats. The Mini-Ductor is ideal for removing corroded steel parts on yachts and other vessels, especially since it's dangerous to use an oxy-acetylene torch in the engine house and sprays don't work very well.

The Mini-Ductor is also useful for removing corroded nuts and bolts used on inboard engines for recreational boats like those from Mercury. Space is tight, so the Mini-Ductor comes with a variety of coils as well as 41" and 96" Bearing Buddy coils, which can be used where access is difficult. The Mini-Ductor can also be used to remove seized fasteners on recreational boats with outboard motors from Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, and others.

How Boat Repair Techs Use the Mini-Ductor

Boat repair techs and master dealers use the Mini-Ductor portable induction heater to remove the following parts:

  • Nuts and bolts
  • Power steering rods
  • Couplings
  • Motor mounts and flanges
  • Propellers not releasing from a taper shaft (off bow)
  • Boat trailers

The Mini-Ductor is available from Ace/Nestor, Cornwell, Kellogg Supply, Mesco, Snap-On, and these other authorized resellers.

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