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Seatbelt Bolt Removal

A Quick Way to Remove Seatbelt Bolts Using the Mini-Ductor® Venom® Induction Heater

A testimonial from a recent article in Fixed Ops Journal read: "This is the single best tool I've ever used. I use this on new cars as well," says Bob Welker, ASE certified master technician with 39 years of experience. "Seat-belt bolts are very tight. I'll put a T-50 [screw head] on a seat bolt, and I lean on it, and I know I will break it or break my tool. I put the Mini-Ductor over it for two seconds, and then I can break it loose and take it out."

Step-by-Step Instructions

Supplies Needed: heat resistant gloves, overalls and goggles.

Step 1: Select the Correct Coil

Seatbelt Bolt Removal: Select the Correct Coil

Step 2: Secure the Coil with Twist Lock™

Seatbelt Bolt Removal: Secure the Coil with Twist Lock

Step 3: Place the Coil around the Bolt & Heat

Seatbelt Bolt Removal: Place the Coil around the Bolt & Heat

Step 4: Remove the Bolt

Seatbelt Bolt Removal: Remove the Bolt

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