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Mini-Ductor® Authorized Resellers

The Mini-Ductor and accessories are sold through authorized auto parts stores, mobile tool jobbers and tool / equipment specialty stores.

To insure quality, support and warranty viability, only purchase through authorized resellers.


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About Authorized Resellers

An Authorized Dealer:

  • Guarantees Warranty is intact
  • Offers best service through product knowledge and training
  • Sells only New product
  • Provides technical assistance after the sale
  • Communicates directly with the manufacture to best serve you
  • Stocks the merchandise they sell
  • Displays all policies pertaining to customer privacy and information use
  • Makes explicit all Terms of Sale
  • Ships all orders in a timely manner
  • Offers expedited shipping options
  • Offers specialized installation services (subject to model)
  • Works from actual physical location not cyber space

Are There Other Concerns If I Don't Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

  • You might purchase refurbished or stolen merchandise which may not be warranted
  • The dealer may become insolvent and not available should you have an issue
  • You might be liable for "hidden" charges, such as COD charges for shipping
  • Accessories may be removed from the case and sold at an additional cost

When speaking with a dealer, good questions to ask up front are, "Where are you located? Do you ship directly from your location or drop ship?" Are you an Authorized Dealer? Do they even have a contact phone number?

The Bottom Line: While the Internet may be a bargain-hunter's paradise, some online dealers may not be Manufacturer Authorized. We recommend doing a little research to determine if a dealer is authorized before purchasing. This is a simple strategy that will protect you from complications going forward from your purchase, costing you less in the end.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. and Family Owned & Operated

Induction Innovations, Inc.

U.S. patents: 10,349,470, 6670590 and 6563096 apply to all products; D841,788, D707,804 and D728,086 apply to handheld, inline induction heaters;
European Patent Office (EPO): patent 002076372-0001 applies to all handheld, inline induction heaters