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Mini-Ductor® Model Comparison

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Name / Model Mini-Ductor Original | Induction Innovations
Mini-Ductor Original
Mini-Ductor II | Induction Innovations
Mini-Ductor II
Mini-Ductor Venom | Induction Innovations
Mini-Ductor Venom
Part Number MD-600 MD-700 MDV-777
Introduced 2004 2009 2016
End of Life 2011 Currently Available Currently Available
Power Output 1000W 1000W 1000W
Standby Power 6W 4W <1W1
Size 15"L x 2.5" D 14.75"L x 2.75"D 14.5"L x 3.25"D
Ergonomic Grip No Yes Yes
Weight 5.6 lbs 5.6 lbs 5.6 lbs
Housing PVC tubing (284°F) Melting Point Impact Resistant Plastic (500°F) Melting Point Impact Resistant Plastic (500°F) Melting Point
Enclosed Housing No Yes Yes
HDT Extruded Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum2
Circuit Boards SMT Design SMT Design SMT Design
Cooling Yes Yes Yes: Intelligent Cooling3
LED Illumination No Yes Yes with on/off control
Components Secured Minimal shock and vibration protection Yes Yes
Fault Monitor with LED Indicator No No Yes4
Coil Fastening Thumb screws Thumb screws Twist Lock5
Illumination LED Switch No No Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Price $499 $499 $599
Activation Push button Push button Trigger
Design Straight cylinder Ergonomic cylinder Angled
Safety Certified No Yes Yes

  1. When fan is operating in standby the power may be up to 1.5 watts.; when fan stops < 1/10th watt
  2. Extruded aluminum with copper thermal enhancement
  3. Intelligent cooling improves cycle time
  4. Fault monitor indicates when a condition occurred that might be able to damage the tool; the monitor automatically shuts down and prevents damage from various conditions
  5. Locking mechanism for easy insertion and extraction of work coils

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U.S. patents: 6670590 and 6563096 apply to all products; D707,804 and D728,086 apply to handheld, inline induction heaters; patent pending for the Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500)
European Patent Office (EPO): patent 002076372-0001 applies to all handheld, inline induction heaters; patent pending for the Mini-Ductor 220V (MD-800) and Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500)
Australia patent: 343968 applies to all handheld, inline induction heaters