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Induction Heating Tools for Salvage Technicians

The Inductor® Series and Mini-Ductor® Induction Heaters Are Useful for Salvage Techs

Reclaiming parts from used vehicles require quick removal processes to ensure profitability. Induction heating is the perfect solution for your salvaging needs, including:

  • The need to complete repeatable tasks such as glass removal quickly
  • The need to maintain original parts so they retain their value and can be reused
  • The need for a tool that is easy to learn and use

Reduce Labor and Materials Needed for Salvage Techs

It's no secret that induction heating increases productivity by quickly removing windshields, quarter glass, glass panels, and other vehicle windows without causing breakage. In the salvaging industry, it is vital to get repairs done quickly while avoiding causing damage to recovered parts. Increase your auto part recycling capacity by using the Inductor Series Glass Blaster, which removes windshields from outside the vehicle in less than 15 minutes.

"If you own or manage a salvage yard, there’s nothing worse than sending an employee out to bring a specific glass to the office because you have a customer waiting. After a half an hour of your customer waiting, he shows up at the office not with the piece of glass but with some bad news. He broke or damaged the glass during the removal process."
- Andrew Foote, former salvage yard owner

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