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Please Note: Induction Innovations'® High Performance Induction Heaters are available for sale through professional tool distributors. All of our accessories and replacement parts are available for sale through authorized Mini-Ductor® and Inductor® Series resellers.

  • Mini-Ductor 12V Battery-Powered Induction Heater

    Mini-Ductor 12V Battery-Powered Induction Heater

    Price: $599.00

    Ideal for a roadside repair or at a customer's premises where regular power supplies aren't available, the Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500X) is completely portable.

    Working off a 12V battery pack, off a car, van or truck battery (or any piece of kit with a 12V battery), the Mini-Ductor 12V can be used for roadside assistance (seized lug nuts on a flat tire) and a number of remote applications where rusted, corroded or thread locked parts need to be removed quickly and safely.

    The tool uses Invisible Heat® to quickly heat ferrous and some non-ferrous metal and provides a viable, safe alternative to using a naked flame. Some parts can also be re-used as the flameless heat is localized on the part and not the surrounding area, with less collateral damage.

    Unlimited applications include the removal of rusted and corroded fasteners, and thread lock compounded nuts and bolts.

    Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500X) Features

    • Works off of a car, van, truck, or other vehicle's 12V battery (clamps included)
    • Bright white LED lamp illuminates work surface
    • Durable reinforced thermal plastic housing
    • Slip-resistant grenade style grip
    • Deep discharge battery protection
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Over voltage protection
    • Kit includes an operating manual, 3 basic work coils and a custom case

    Learn more about the Mini-Ductor 12V

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