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Farm Show Magazine Says Mini-Ductor Tools are Hard to Beat

Friday April 30, 2021

Mini Ductor Venom HP Release Nut from 20 Year Old Twin Shank ToolbarIf you caught the latest issue of Farm Show Magazine, you might have seen an article about our Mini-Ductor tools and how they are hard to beat when it comes to equipment repair!

One thing we find invaluable is getting our tools into customers’ hands, having them test out various applications, and getting feedback. We were able to do that with Farm Show Magazine by sending them a Mini-Ductor Venom HP and a Mini-Ductor 12 Volt to operate, take videos, and write up an article about their findings.

Contributing Editor to Farm Show Magazine, Jim Ruen, wrote this article, which is featured in Volume 45; Issue 2; Page 13.

Mini-Ductor 12 Volt on Farm Equipment Repair

Jim starts off his process with our Mini-Ductor 12 Volt, a battery-powered Mini-Ductor that runs off a 12-volt vehicle battery.

In the article and corresponding video, he tests this tool out on a two-wheeled trailer that was buried in the snow. He says, “the wheels hadn’t been off since I bought it 15 years ago.” That is a lot of time outside in the Minnesota winters! 

At first, he tried to loosen the lug nuts without heat, but they were “tight as a drum.” With his Mini-Ductor in hand, he starts to put heat on those lug nuts.

Jim’s major concern with the tool initially, was that the insulation burned on the coils. To remedy this, we instructed him to follow the manual guidelines of two-minute duty cycles. And while it’s fun to see the nut get red hot, it is not necessary. This often shortens the life of the coil as well. For tips on proper coil care, see our blog.

He notes that the MD-500 does not heat as fast as the Venom HP, but it still does the job well. After a couple of duty cycles of heating the lug nut, it comes loose, and he removes it easily.

Watch Here:

Mini-Ductor Venom HP & A Tough Nut to Crack

Next, he pulls out the Venom HP to tackle rusted nuts on an old twin shank toolbar that he pulled from a junk pile. Jim notes that this has not been touched in at least 20 years. Because of that, the bolts are impossible to remove with just wrenches.

He places the Venom HP or a “nifty piece of equipment,” over the nut and the snow starts to melt away instantly. After a few seconds, the nut is turning red hot and starts to break the bond of the rust. He takes his wrench and loosens it right away. He says, “It would not be turning that easily without the use of the induction heater!

Watch Here:

How Induction Heat Benefits the Agriculture Industry

Jim mentions how induction heat technology works, through electromagnetic currents which heat the ferrous metal within the coil. This is important because it eliminates an open flame and targets to what is within the coil. With induction heat, there is no collateral damage to the surrounding workspace.

Our tools are manufactured at our headquarters in Elgin, IL with genuine OEM parts. We take many measures to ensure we are producing the highest quality induction heaters possible.

“For people who do a lot of work on older equipment, these (tools) would be hard to beat.” – Jim Ruen, Farm Show Magazine

We thank Jim for his article and appreciate the coverage from Farm Show Magazine! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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