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Get to Know Us: Assembler Steve Butt Can Help You Customize Your Kit

Thursday February 6, 2020

WWII Mk 18 Torpedo Repaired with Induction Heating

Assembler and shipping and receiving associate Steve Butt has many responsibilities at Induction Innovations, including the molding and painting of attachments for the Glass Blaster, Pro-Max and Max models of the Inductor Series.

Butt also logs all products received for repairs, as well products being returned to customers following repair. Another responsibility includes inspecting all products before they are shipped out.

As a member of the Induction Innovations team for the past four years, Butt bring commitment and expertise to his job that our customers have come to appreciate. But he says he also gets something back in return. “The work environment feels like a big family,” Butt said. “Everyone is respectful of each other and we are always there to give a helping hand when needed as well as stepping up to get jobs done when others are busy. I love being able to ship tools that make auto techs jobs easier!”

Off the job Butt enjoys fishing, riding his Harley, and being outdoors when the weather is nice.

Customize Your Kit

Butt also assembles and packs each Inductor Series attachment as part of our “Customize Your Kit” option, first launched in 2018.

With “Customize Your Kit,” you can choose which attachments are included in your Inductor Pro-Max and Inductor Lite purchase instead of having to buy all of them.

Butt says ‘Customize Your Kit’ is an option may customers are taking advantage of.

“The new inductor kit customization options are very interesting,” he said.

You can customize your own Inductor Series kit in three simple steps:

Step 1

Choose your base induction heating model that will serve as the power supply that each attachment plugs into:

Step 2

Choose your attachments.

For the Inductor Pro-Max power supply:

For the Inductor Lite power supply:

Step 3

Place your order or learn more about how you can “Customize Your Kit” by visiting our online shop here, calling (877) 688-9633 or emailing

What Prompted “Customize Your Kit”?

“Customize Your Kit” is the result of a market research study conducted to determine how we could improve the Inductor Series, marketing manager Alicia Hawkins explained. “We interviewed our channel partners to learn how we could improve the Inductor Series. They asked us to give them a choice as to which attachments they want to purchase rather than always having to take the standard three: Concentrator, Fast-Off Pad and Glass Blaster.

“We are always looking for ways to add value to both users of induction heating equipment and our channel partners,” Hawkins said, “so offering our ‘Customize Your Kit’ option is a way for us to add value and give our customers what they’re asking for.”

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