How to Get More out of Your Mini-Ductor Induction Heater Tool

Friday May 25, 2018

Mini-Ductor Accessory How to Get More out of Your Mini-Ductor

The Mini-Ductor® has been the leading portable induction heater since it was released in 2004. Now in its third generation, the Mini-Ductor Venom comes with the Coil Variety Pack, which includes three coils: the 7/8″ Pre-Formed Coil (MD99-601), 23″ U-Form Coil (MD99-602) and 41″ Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-603).

You can purchase additional Coil Variety Packs when your coils wear out after approximately 200 uses. Additionally, here are other optional accessories that will help you remove even more stuck or seized parts on cars, trucks and farming equipment – faster and safer than a torch.

Coil Kits

Induction Innovations Standard Coil Kit

The following kits will help you remove standard-sized and smaller parts:

  • Essential Coil Kit: our most-popular smaller diameter coils that vary in lengths for a variety of applications
  • Long Coil Kit: 8 interchangeable longer coils for hard-to-reach areas, especially on larger and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Standard Coil Kit: 8 interchangeable coils that enable you to heat fasteners up to 1 1/2″ in diameter and are a variety of lengths and sizes

Bearing Buddy Coils

Induction Innovations Bearing Buddy Coils

The 41″ Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-603) is a flexible magnetic litz wire for wrapping around inline and asymmetrical objects that are not accessible with the standard coils, including bearings, O2 sensors and tie rods.

The 96″ Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-XBB96) offers greater versatility for larger bearings, gears, pulleys, and industrial applications.

To use either Bearing Buddy Coil, simply wrap around the ferrous metal part – three times, ideally. Learn when to replace them.

If the Bearing Buddy doesn’t generate enough heat, you may instead need an Inductor® Series model, which uses over 2,000 watts.

U-Form Coil

The 23″ U-form Coil (MD99-602) provides the ability for do-it-yourself winding, such as creating a flathead coil for removing soft dents. The U-form coil needs to be wrapped at least twice to make the magnetic field effective.

Thin Wall Coil

The Thin Wall Coil, which we also refer to as a 7/8″ Flat Pre-Formed Coil (MD99-632) allows you to remove recessed lug nuts easier by getting in the tight space between the nut and the wheel.


Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor Mini-Pad

The Mini-Pad removes decals, graphics, pinstripes, emblems, and body side moldings by heating the ferrous metal underneath with induction heat spread over a pad – no more solvents are needed. The Mini-Pad also softens spray paint so that you can easily wipe it off and stress relieves dents for paintless dent removal (PDR), all while protecting automotive finishes from fiberglass abrasion.

If you need to remove body panels or spray-in bedliner, then you will need the Fast-Off Pad used with our Inductor Series.

Not Sure What You Need?

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