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Induction Innovations Brings the Heat to Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Show

Thursday May 13, 2021

Venom HP and Click Bond BoardWe recently kicked off our 2021 in-person trade show season with Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Show at the end of April. This was our first in-person show since the beginning of 2020! Our Sales Manager, Mark, and Marketing Assistant, Dana flew down to Orlando to attend the three-day show at the Orange County Convention Center.

What is the MRO Americas Show?

The MRO Americas Show is a trade show hosted by Aviation Week’s MRO Network which is a publication and network. According to their Facebook page, they serve “people working in the global airline engineering and maintenance community.” Such as “across airlines, MROs, OEMs, Leasing Companies and Aviation Authorities, Suppliers and others to the allied field.” 

Why Did Induction Innovations Attend?

We attended MRO this year to get the Induction Innovations name out to the aviation industry. We are constantly learning new applications for our induction heating tools through our customers and we’ve found applications in the aerospace world. Specifically, ground service equipment repair is one area of the industry that our tools can assist with. Ground service equipment sits outside and gets hit with all types of weather. Our tools can break the bonds of rust and corrosion on this equipment.

Another reason we attended was because of our growing relationship with the company Click Bond. Click Bond is a company that delivers adhesive bonded fastening solutions to aviation, marine, energy, and other industries.

Click Bond developed a demo board specifically for us, with their adhesives and hardware fastened to a piece of carbon fiber. They have a Mini-Ductor unit and have found that it works well to break the adhesive bond and release their fasteners from the carbon fiber without causing any damage to the board. Thanks to them, we were able to demonstrate this multiple times using our Mini-Ductor Venom HP. We also got to demo our ALFe 3.5 series.

Watch a recap of our demos here:

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a material that is used to build many parts of the aircraft because it is lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and has a smooth finish. Carbon fiber allows aircraft bodies to be more fuel-efficient, aerodynamic, and to be built with lighter materials. All of which make planes made of carbon fiber more profitable.

Where Are We Going Next?

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