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Induction Innovations Showcases Tools and Tips at 2022 Trade Shows

Thursday April 21, 2022

Induction Innovations is proud to have been a part of a wide variety of trade shows so far this year, all of which have been safe and successful with many more coming up.
Some of our favorites for early 2022 include:

  • Matco Tool Expo
  • MAC Tools Tool Fair
  • Cornwell Tool Rally
  • Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)

While the return to more in-person trade shows posed the possibility of fewer vendors and distributors, attendance has been amazing, particularly at the Matco and MAC Tools shows!

Why Does Induction Innovations Attend National Trade Shows?

From Orlando, FL to Las Vegas, NV, the Induction Innovations team hits the road to meet with people, hear their stories, and understand their industry and application needs. We don’t just offer products to try and help solve their problems, we provide safer, more effective high-performance induction heating solutions that remove the dangers and lack of reliability associated with traditional torches. Together, we work with customers to meet their induction heating needs, setting new standards and industry best practices.
Solutions we often discuss and work with customers to implement include:

  • Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater Tool Models
    • Mini-Ductor Venom HP
    • Mini-Ductor Venom
    • Mini-Ductor II
    • Mini-Ductor 12V
  • Inductor® Series Models
    • Pro-Max Fully Loaded
    • Pro-Max
    • Max
  • ALFe® 3.5 Series
  • ALFe 5.0 Series

From walking attendees through how to use the power of Invisible Heat® with the Mini-Ductor to remove corroded components or showing them how to release bonded parts from their adhesives with the Pro-Max Inductor, Induction Innovations showcases reliable heat solutions that can be used in even the most critical situations. This includes near fuel repositories, exposed wires, and even in collision repair and other compromised environments in automotive, agriculture, aviation, or industrial uses. See what we have been up to at our 2022 trade shows, below!


Trade show booth

Top Tool Distributor Questions and More!

The Induction Innovations team is often asked numerous questions on the best ways to use our tools and resources. Some of the top questions we receive from distributors and interested attendees at trade shows include:

We have answers to all of those questions and more. View our blog on top trade show questions for more information!

Where Are We Going Next?

Click on our events page to see what shows we’ll be attending this year.

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