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Introducing an Online Exclusive: Temperature Indicating Accessories by Tempil

Friday June 25, 2021

Tempilaq and Tempilstick

If you’ve recently visited our website, you might’ve noticed a new tab in our navigation menu labeled Tempil.

Who is Tempil?

Tempil is a brand of temperature indicating accessories that we now carry in our online store! Note: these accessories are exclusive to our website.

According to Tempil’s website, Tempil is “leading the development of precise temperature indication technologies. Their cost-effective visual solutions check critical temperatures in welding and manufacturing process, monitor environment in your supply chains and ensure the performance of your products or services in the field.”

We’ve got three new products on our site which include Tempil’s temperature indicating paint, indicating markers, and an infrared thermometer. If you’re looking to reach a specific temperature with our induction heating tools, we’re here to help you accomplish that!

All of these products below are accessories for the Mini-Ductor®, Inductor® and Inductor ALFe® series units.

Tempilaq Advanced: Temperature Indicating Liquid

The first product we’re offering is the Tempilaq Advanced liquid indicating paint.

Tempilaq Advanced is an accurate temperature indicating liquid that verifies the achievement of a specific temperature. It leaves a visible mark that dries fast prior to heating then liquefies at the stated temperature. The easy-to-mix formula can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is an efficient method that does not require calibration and it is optimal for heat-treating, preventive maintenance, and any other temperature-sensitive application.

temperature indicating marker


  • Melts at designated temperature leaving a noticeable different mark
  • Dries fast on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Enhanced formula to reduce settling
  • Excellent accuracy within +/- 1% of Fahrenheit and +/- 3% of Celsius
  • Wide temperature ranges from 300°F(149°C) to 1500°F(816°C)
  • n-Propyl Bromide free formula
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Tempilstik: Temperature Indicating Markers

temperature indicating marker

Next up, we have Tempilstik. Tempilstik is a fast, accurate surface temperature indicator.

Providing accuracy, confidence, and compliance for over 80 years, Tempilstik is the original temperature-indicating stick with the best combination of precision and convenience for surface temperature measurement. Specially engineered for accurate indication in pre-heating, interpass, and post-weld heat-treating applications, Templiak is the industry’s leading choice for use in the most critical jobs.


  • Stick instantly melts at designated temperature for easy and immediate visual inspection
  • NIST traceable accuracy +/- 1%
  • Calibration-free with 100% reliability
  • Comply with preheat temperature requirements of AWS D1.1, ASME Code Sec. I, III, and VIII, ANSI/ASME Code B31.1 and B31.3
  • Imprinted part number, temperature, and lot code across the entire stick for improved traceability
  • 116 temperatures available from 100°F(38°C) to 2000°F(1093°C)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Tempil Infrared Thermometer

And lastly, we have the Tempil Infrared Thermometer which is a great addition to the liquid and marker indicators.  


  • Laser pointer with sensitive 16:1 distance to spot ratio for improved accuracy
  • Temperature measurement range between -76°F(-60°C) to 1157°F(625°C) with read-out accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Four-digit backlit dual display ideal for low-light areas  
  • °C or °F selectable readout
  • Min/Max/Avg and differential temperature mode available
  • Built-in jack for K-Type thermocouple probe to allow direct contact measurement

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