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Friday May 27, 2022

If you have recently purchased a new Inductor® Series or Mini-Ductor® Series product from Induction Innovations, you may be wondering what to do next. You want to safely be able to operate your equipment for specific applications, but there are a few steps you should complete before getting started.

We’ve put together a user-friendly quick reference startup guide you can use, but we do recommend reading the manual for more detailed information.

Induction Heating Tutorial

Two of our most popular product lines are the Inductor® Series and the Mini-Ductor® Series.

Inductor® Series

Leveraging the use of High Frequency Magnetic Fields (induction heat) to remove bonded or seized components easily. The Inductor® Series can be used to release everything from spray-on bedliners automotive trim, windshields and releasing the most stubborn of hardware. It is the professional induction heating tool for the automotive industry, as well as other numerous industries.
Available U.S. Kits:

Mini-Ductor® Series

Our iconic portable, hand-held induction heating products are known as the Mini-Ductor® Series. These items utilize Invisible Heat® to quickly, efficiently, and safely remove seized hardware and other ferrous metals. These units have a multitude of coils available to accommodate all of your various application needs, from automotive, boat & marine, farm equipment, heavy duty and more. The Mini-Ductor Series is 90% faster than a traditional torch and can reduce your consumables and labor by as much as 75%, in addition to salvaging more parts.

Available U.S. Kits:

  • Mini-Ductor® 12V (Battery Powered) (MD-500) – The Mini-Ductor 12V is our portable unit that can work off any vehicles 12v battery or 12v jump pack. Features include Mini-Ductor 12 Volt Handheld Induction Heater, Battery Clamps, 3 Basic Coils: (1) 7/8″ Pre-Formed Coil, (1) 23″ U-Form Coil, (1) 1″ Pre-Formed Coil, Rugged Plastic Carrying Case, Operator Manual, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Mini-Ductor® II (MD-700) – The Mini-Ductor II features the inline design and 1000 watts of power. The kit includes Mini-Ductor II Handheld Induction Heater, 3 Basic Coils: (1) 7/8″ Pre-Formed Coil, (1) 23″ U-Form Coil, (1) 41″ Bearing Buddy Coil, Rugged Plastic Carrying Case, Operator Manual, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, safety certification.
  • Mini-Ductor® Venom (MDV-777) – The Mini-Ductor Venom features the same 1000 watts of power as the Mini-Ductor II but provides a third generation of innovation with LED usage indicator, angled design, coil twist lock, cooling enhancement, and more for your automotive, trucking, and CNC/mechanical machine repair applications. Features include Mini-Ductor Venom Handheld Induction Heater, 3 Basic Coils: (1) 7/8″ Pre-Formed Coil, (1) 23″ U-Form Coil, (1) 41″ Bearing Buddy Coil, Rugged Plastic Carrying Case, Operator Manual, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP (MDV-787) – Offering all the same features and benefits of the Venom, the Venom HP is the highest-powered handheld Mini-Ductor unit which bolsters 1800 watts of power to apply on ABS sensors, corroded exhaust units, fuel tank straps, and more. Features include Mini-Ductor Venom HP Handheld Induction Heater, 3 Basic Coils: (1) 7/8″ Pre-Formed Coil, (1) 23″ U-Form Coil, (1) 41″ Bearing Buddy Coil, Rugged Plastic Carrying Case, Operator Manual, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

*Both the Inductor Series and Mini-Ductor Series also have international models available.

What Additional Products and Support Options Are Available?

In addition to the resources and tools we provide, our customers also have access to a variety of attachments and accessories for both the Inductor Series and the Mini-Ductor Series.

We also provide a local listing of authorized resellers for purchasing in your immediate area.

Induction Innovations, Inc. provides support resources. The first and most important step to take when reaching out for support is to complete your product registration. For more information, you can also check out our in-depth blog section, where we cover a wide variety of relevant topics, and our induction heating videos, which also provide an in-depth look at both the Inductor Series and Mini-Inductor Series.

Induction Heating Services – Best Practices

With the use of any of our induction heating solutions, it’s best to follow the directions for operation, use, and storage of each unit. This includes the following best practices:

  • Ensuring proper fit of coils, use of accessories like a heat-resistant mat, and other quick tips you can find on our website.
  • Recognition of normal wear and tear of coils vs. damage.
    • Heating coil life is generally 200-300 uses subject to use and abuse. Changing your coils when they are blackened or frayed will extend the life of your unit. Additional coil packs and kits are available. Check with your local/mobile tool jobber. Or visit our website.
    • Learn more about how to properly use and maintain induction heating coils.
  • Stocking other appropriate consumables you may commonly forget. For example, Inductor® Thermal Tape (TT-01) replacement pads are available for various attachment including the Glass Blaster, U-Series Concentrator, and the I-Series Concentrator. It comes in a 10-piece strip for long-lasting support.
  • Asking questions and addressing challenges is normal! View our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for immediate information and contact us for any additional assistance.

Induction Heating Support

Do Induction Heating Tools/Equipment Require Service?

Induction Innovations products are made to be durable and come with extensive protection. Your Inductor Series or Mini-Ductor Series product will require replacement components such as coils at the conclusion of their normal life. Additionally, many products come with manufacture’s defect warranty coverage ranging between one and two years, depending on the unit.

Having trouble with your unit? Prior to sending in your tool for repair, you may be able to address your challenge with our comprehensive induction heater tool troubleshooting guide.

Should your unit need to be repaired, please include good contact information, a brief description of what is wrong with the unit, all coils and attachments and receipt of purchase. It can be sent to Induction Innovations, 1175 Jansen Farm Court, Elgin, IL 60123. You can also email for guidance before sending in your unit.

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