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Extinguish the Flame

Induction Heating: Avoid Collateral Damage

Extinguish the Flame

Repairing vehicles and equipment shouldn't include damaging nearby parts, tools, your shop, your employees, or you. Collateral damage is injury inflicted on something other than an intended target. Alternatives to induction heating used to remove ferrous metal parts cause a lot of collateral damage:

  • Torches burn nearby plastics, rubber, fuel lines, and wires as well as your hands
  • Angle grinders create sparks that can burn down a barn when used on farming equipment
  • Breaker bars and torque bits can slip and hurt you
  • Knives and wires used to remove windshields and other auto glass can hurt you and break the glass
  • Chemicals take a long time to work, generally don't work that well and they damage the environment

Induction heating avoids all of the collateral damage listed above.

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