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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Our Tools, Repairs, and More!

Friday January 22, 2021

Have you seen the chat box pop up when visiting the website? Or even used it to ask us a question? We receive many questions each day through chats. On the blog today, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about how our tools work, repairs, and much more!

The People Behind the Chat

This chat box connects to our Facebook InductionInnovations where our Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales teams answer your questions! You are talking directly with Induction Innovations employees when you chat with us.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Where can I send in a unit for repair?
  • A: Units can be sent to our headquarters at 1175 Jansen Farm Court, Elgin, IL 60123. We ask that you include all of your attachments plus good contact information so that once our Repairs Department looks over the tool, we can contact you about the needed repairs.

  • Q: How long do repairs take?
  • A: Once we receive the tool, it usually takes 1-2 business days for the Repairs Department to examine it. At that time, a member of our Customer Service team will reach out and contact you.
  • Q: How much does a repair cost?
  • A: It varies from the type of unit and what kind of repair is needed. To know for sure, the unit will have to be sent to our Repairs Department. Before sending us your unit for repair, we do suggest that you call in or contact us to troubleshoot the issue.
  • A: For a Mini-Ductor unit, it can range anywhere from $50-$120 or more plus shipping and handling. With our Inductor Series units, it is harder to estimate the cost because repairing a power supply is a different expense than if an attachment needs to be replaced.
  • Q: Can I purchase spare parts?
  • A: Other than thumbscrews, we do not sell parts for our Mini-Ductor tools. Do not open your tool and try to repair it yourself. The warranty will be voided if the tool is opened. If you are in need of a new casing, circuitry, or the unit just isn’t running, send it in for a repair.
  • Q: Can I send my DLX unit in for repair?
  • A: Yes, we can repair DLX units!
  • Q: Will the current attachments (U-311, U-411, etc.) work with the DLX?
  • A: No, because the DLX is about 20 years old, our current attachments will not work because they have updated circuitry. If you are in this position, you can send us the DLX and we can fit the current attachments to the unit. However, if you have any old attachments those will no longer work.

Finding a Distributor:

  • Q: Where can I purchase the tools?
  • A: In order to find an authorized dealer that sells our tools, you can go to our website and click on the Resellers tab. Punch in your zip code and it will give you a list of distributors near you.
  • A: You can also purchase through our website, but we encourage purchasing through authorized distributors.


  • Q: How long does the warranty last?
  • A: The warranty on a Mini-Ductor II is one year. The warranty for the Mini-Ductor Venom and Venom HP is two years. Click here for more info on warranties.

  • Q: Do you repair products that are out of warranty?
  • A: Yes, we do.

Mini-Ductor Models:

Application Questions:

  • Q: Will Induction Heat Work for My Application?
  • A: Our units such as the Mini-Ductor and Inductor Series lines are built to heat ferrous metals. Our heavy-duty ALFe Series is capable of heating aluminum and steel. Check out the applications page for more info!
  • Note: We can also do some testing for you if you send us the materials that you are trying to heat!

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