Go Green with Induction Heat: Save Time and Money With Energy Efficient Products

Thursday March 17, 2022

go green blog imageGo Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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How Choosing Induction Heat Means Green

At Induction Innovations, we manufacture high-powered, high-frequency induction heating tools for multiple markets including Automotive, Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Marine, Trucking, Salvage, and more.

We pride ourselves on producing tools manufactured in the USA with genuine OEM parts. Another thing we pride ourselves on is that our products are energy efficient and reduce the need for harmful chemicals. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are kicking off our “Going Green” campaign by detailing how our products are a better option than torches and provide a greener option for consumers.

Reduce the Need for Harmful Solventsgo green no solvents

Our induction heating tools reduce the need for toxic solvents. Solvents are often needed when removing adhesives bonded to metal, but they can be harmful to the environment and toxic if they get on your skin. Induction heat eliminates or greatly reduces the need for these solvents. The result, using induction heat, is an easy release and the adhesive stays with the colder part (the graphic, emblem, decal, etc.) leaving a clean surface behind.

Choose Energy Efficient Products

Torches and heat guns are not energy efficient. Much of the heat and energy generated dissipates before it reaches the workload. Our induction heating tools, like the Inductor® power supplies, are energy efficient and place the energy where you need it when you want it.go green no flame

Induction heat is a green technology because it is free from hazardous emissions. This flameless heat is localized so users in the Automotive, Agriculture, and Repair industries can use it near brake lines, fuel lines, and combustible material. Our tools give you the heat where you need it without compromising the surrounding areas.

Save Money, Reduce Consumables

Using induction heating tools reduces or eliminates the user’s need for a propane torch. Torches can also be costly. When using a torch, consumables such as gas expenses add up quickly.go green save money 1

By switching to induction heat, users can save money by not purchasing consumables as often as they would with a torch. Our tools allow users to salvage parts that may otherwise be discarded. While our consumables like the induction heating coils or thermal tape will need to be replaced at some point, they do last around 200 uses. For more info on extending the life of your coils, check out our blog on proper coil care.

Our tools also pay for themselves over time. If users follow the manuals properly, there is little need for servicing and repairs as well. And lastly, there is no need for abrasive wheels that require harmful solvents and clean-up.

Save Time, Reduce Labor Costs

go green save time2Save time by not needing to cover or remove flammable parts nearby. Induction heat enhances workplace safety because of the precise, localized heat and no open flame. There is less potential to catch something on fire, damage the surrounding work areas or cause workplace injuries. Our flexible coils also allow users to reach hard-to-reach areas faster than using a torch. Get the job done faster and safer! For more information, check out our blog on why Induction Heat is More Reliable Than a Torch.

Download the Go Green Infographic Here

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