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How to Remove an Aluminum Panel off a Pickup Truck with Induction Heat

Friday April 29, 2022

aluminum panel alfe thumbnnailDid you know you can remove an aluminum panel off of a truck with induction heat? This is yet another solution found in the test lab from Induction Innovations when using the heavy-duty Inductor® ALFe® Series of induction heaters.

With only a few easy steps and the correct tools, you can remove your own panels and complete repairs for vehicles, auto glass, and other types of equipment and applications.

5 Easy Steps to Follow to Remove a Truck Panel

We filmed our President, Tom Gough, removing an aluminum bedside panel from a Ford F150 pickup truck at the Induction Innovations garage using our powerful ALFe 3.5 unit. You can also use the most powerful unit we offer, the ALFe® 5.0 Induction Heating System.

Watch The Video:

If you’re familiar with the process of removing windshields and auto glass with the ALFe Glass Blaster® attachment, the process is very similar when using the Flow Concentrator with the ALFe 3.5.

Step #1: Remove the RivetsStep 1 aluminum panel removal

Drill into the panel to remove the rivets. We recommend using a rivet gun for this initial step. The panel will remain glued in this step until utilizing the induction heating tool in step two.

Step #2: Use the ALFe 3.5

With the heavy-duty ALFe 3.5 induction heating system, properly engage the unit and use it to heat along the outside of the panel with the ALFe Flow Concentrator. This will release the adhesive behind the panel. You can easily locate where the adhesive is holding by slightly flexing the panel.

Step #3: Apply Outward Pressure3 aluminum panel removal

While heating, apply outward pressure against the panel to help release the adhesive. Similar to the Glass Blaster, you may hear minimal cracking sounds. This will be dependent on the pressure but is normal if it occurs.

Step #4: Repeat the Process on the Top of the Panel

You will repeat the heating and pressure process on the top of the panel until the adhesive is released.

Pro tip: The adhesive is typically adjacent to the rivets you have already removed and these openings can be used to find and subsequently release the adhesive.

Step #5: Pull the Bedside Panel Off of the Truckpanel removed

The big reveal! If you have correctly followed the previous four steps, you will be able to pull the aluminum panel off of the truck safely and efficiently, without damage.

Why Use Induction Heat?

Whether you are pulling a panel from a truck or performing other types of removal at an auto body shop as a technician, an induction heating solution is preferred. Professionals extinguish the flame of the traditional oxy-acetylene torch and turn to induction heating for a wide variety of reasons:

  • It heats aluminum and steel safely and efficiently
  • It is faster than using an open flame and heats evenly
  • It provides the same results each time when used correctly

With induction heating, you not only have a solution that provides protection, but also one that increases your profitability and doesn’t drain your resources like a gas torch.

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