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Classic Car Restoration Expert Demonstrates “Cool Tool” for a Tough Job: Mini-Ductor Venom

Monday July 20, 2020

Mini-Ductor Venom Video Goes Viral

When Terry Warman, owner of Warman Autoworks and a 30-year auto restoration veteran, demonstrated  his shop’s use of the Mini-Ductor® Venom® on his YouTube Channel three years ago, he figured it might draw the interest of friends and family.

Instead, Warman’s two-minute video demo of “A Cool Tool to Remove Rusted Bolts and Fasteners,” has been watched more than 6.5 million times and been featured in the World of Mechanics blog.

Warman, a third-generation auto builder who “grew up watching his father and grandfather work their craft,” specializes in the restoration of classic cars – a job that includes doing battle on a regular basis with badly rusted and corroded parts.

In the video, Warman and a colleague at the Kaiser, Mo.-based shop are attempting to remove rusted bolts from a customer’s 1948 Ford pickup. The truck’s Ford Flathead V8 engine “came caked in oil and grime” Warman says, and previous attempts using penetrating oil had resulted in a broken bolt within a quarter turn of the wrench.

Induction Heat Provides Quick & Safe Solutions

As the video demonstrates, the Mini-Ductor Venom gets the job done easily, heating and loosening the badly corroded bolt without breakage or damage to adjacent engine parts.

That’s because induction heating tools provide a fast, flameless, and controllable source of heat without the risk posed by acetylene torches. Along with our other induction heating tools, the Mini-Ductor Venom generates and transmits heat with unmatched precision, speed and safety, using electromagnetic waves that heat ferrous metals to release them from corrosion or thread lock compounds without any contact between the part and coil.

Using the Mini-Ductor Venom, Warman’s colleague successfully releases the bolt in less than a minute, noting how quickly the tool heated up. “Within seconds, it’s smokin’,” he observes. Warman also notes how quickly the tool cools off.

More than Just Nuts & Bolts

In a follow-up video, Warman shows the Mini-Ductor Venom making fast work of another tricky job: attempting to loosen the steering column on a 1954 Corvette. The customer had been trying for weeks without success. Using the Mini-Ductor Venom, the wheel is removed without any damage to it or the steering column.

The videos demonstrate why the Mini-Ductor Venom is described as “a very handy tool” in Warman’s auto restoration business. While Warman says he has heard from hold-outs who stick with the acetylene torch because it’s “cheaper,” the Mini-Ductor Venom is an important asset among the high-quality tools used in his shop. “I’ve used a torch many times, but certain applications, you cannot use a torch,” he said.

Other applications of the Mini-Ductor Venom for auto repair include:


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