New Coils Pack a Serious Punch: Do More Repairs Faster

Thursday October 17, 2019

WWII Mk 18 Torpedo Repaired with Induction Heating

Along with the introduction of the new Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP comes the debut of two new coil packs, both for use with our Mini-Ductor Series products. We’ve bundled some of our most popular coils, as well as some new coils, in a variety of sizes to help you make more repairs faster. The first new bundle, the Bearing Buddy Coil Pack, is comprised of coils for use on thick metal and a wider assortment of parts. The Thin Wall Coil Pack includes coils to release corroded and recessed lug nuts in a matter of seconds.

Bearing Buddy Coil Pack (MD99-643)

The Bearing Buddy Coil Pack includes our popular 41” and 96” flexible coils along with a brand-new Heat Resistant Mat. The bonus Heat Resistant Mat helps extend the Bearing Buddy Coil life by preventing abrasion and overheating of the coil. The Bearing Buddy coils are used to free steering and suspension parts, frozen O² sensors, remove ball joints and tie-rod ends. One of our customers even used the bearing buddy coil on a sleeve over a gearbox output shaft and shared his experience with us:

“My only wish is that I had this technology decades ago. It is so much safer than a torch and truly minimizes collateral damage.
Yesterday I used the Bearing Buddy coiled on a sleeve over a gearbox output shaft that had about 30 years of rust holding it together. It took multiple cycles of heat, allowing a cooling period in between, but it worked, and the leaking gearbox oil did not ignite and now I will be able to replace the bearings and seals.”
– Walter Morgan (read the full testimonial)

Want to learn how to extend the life of bearing buddy coils? Read our post about it here.

Thin Wall Coil Pack (MD99-644)

The Thin Wall Coil Pack comes with four thin wall coils, including three brand-new ones, which enable users to release rusted or corroded recessed lug nuts safely and quickly.

The Thin Wall Coil Pack includes:

These coils are especially useful with higher quality and custom wheels, which often have pretty limited space between the nut and the wheel. This makes it difficult to get a lug wrench, breaker bar, or even a normal sized induction heating coil around the nut. With any of our thin wall coils, you can easily maneuver the Mini-Ductor to apply induction heat in the smallest of crevices.

See What’s in Store at SEMA 2019

Make sure to visit us at SEMA in Las Vegas November 5-9 at booth #10831 in the Collision Repair & Refinish section for live demonstrations of our new and current products. We’ll also be offering special discounts for attendees.

And don’t forget to pre-order the Venom HP this month – a portion of the sale proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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