New Induction Heating Tool Makes Tricky Mobile Repairs Easier

Friday September 11, 2015

Mini-Ductor Portable 12V Indution HeaterTime spent outside of fully equipped workshops is often a challenge to engineers/technicians and is often fraught with issues such as safety (example roadside breakdown). Also, the range of tools in a repairer’s vehicle can limit mobile repair capability.

Reducing precious time used when struggling to free off components in this environment is paramount, so a truly portable and compact product that can save such time is a very handy proposition for all mobile spanner turners regardless of their specific trade.

Ideal Where Regular Power Supplies Are Now Available

The new Mini-Ductor® 12V (MD-500) is now available, completely portable and ideal for roadside repairs and where regular power supplies are not available.

Working off a 12-volt battery pack, off a car, van or truck battery or any piece of kit with a 12-volt battery, the Mini-Ductor 12V can be used for a number of remote applications where rusted, corroded or thread locked parts need to be removed quickly and safely.

The tool uses Invisible Heat® to quickly heat ferrous and some non-ferrous metal and provides a viable, safe alternative to using a naked flame. Some parts can be also be reused as the flameless heat is localized on the part and not the surrounding area, with less collateral damage.

The Mini-Ductor is supplied with 3 bendable coils, ideal for hard-to-reach areas and thin enough to wrap round the nut and heat it in seconds for easy removal. For example, a 19mm nut is heated red hot in 15 seconds. The heat expands the nut and breaks down any corrosion bonds.

The tool comes with crocodile clips, this allows it to easily take power from far more sources, rather than using an Anderson connector plug which would limit its use.

The 12V is the fourth variation of the Mini-Ductor tool, joining the original 110V (MD-700), 110V CE (MD-700CE) and 240V II + (MD-800).

Key Roadside Applications

The tool boasts almost unlimited applications where heat is needed to heat ferrous metal, including the removal of rusted and corroded fasteners, and thread-lock compounded nuts and bolts. For example this includes the removal of lug nuts, brake bleeder nuts, exhaust manifold bolts, in-line applications, loosening steering bolts, and even tricky repairs such as all joint, drag link, drive chain, sprocket and gear removal.

Rob Hawker, Product Development and Training Manager of Sykes Pickavant who have a team of territory sales managers able to demonstrate the new 12-volt Mini-Ductor to potential or interested end users, explains, “Once a 12-volt inductor is in a mobile engineer/technician’s tool kit, the ability to use instant safe and direct heat when and where they need it is something they recognize as being essential; soon becoming one of the few tools they wouldn’t want to be without. It’s a true game changer for those facing the daily struggle of mobile vehicle repairs.”

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Induction Innovations, Inc.

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