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Wednesday October 18, 2023

Induction Innovations is honored to sponsor and support Sadie Turner in the Pink Ribbon Riders event. The Pink Ribbon Riders help aid breast cancer patients with gifts of financial assistance. This assistance comes in the way of gift cards and can go to purchasing gas, food, and other costs that can become expensive due to loss of work or other hardships that may occur during treatment. The Pink Ribbon Riders is a nonprofit organization, and all funds raised in each state support patients there.

Sadie has always looked out for others and has gone over and above to help those in need.  Being only 16, she has the biggest heart of anyone we have ever met. Induction Innovations is honored and proud to support Sadie in her endeavors. We believe that her dedication and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our values. We’re excited to see what Sadie accomplishes this year. Read below on Sadie’s story and her passion for helping people.

Who is Sadie Turner?

Induction Innovations Interviewee Sadie Cheerleading at a Football Game with Pink Pom Poms for Breast Cancer Awareness

My name is Sadie Turner. I am a student at Johnsburg High School and will be graduating in 2025. I am a cheerleader and participate in many activities at my school. In my free time, I love hanging out with my family and friends. I have two jobs. I work at Halftimes and I also coach and teach girls and boys how to tumble and flip at Fox Valley Tumbling in Johnsburg.

I have a twin brother who is one of my best friends. He’s always there for me when I need to vent. I have my mom and dad, who are very supportive, love me with their whole heart, and will do anything to make me and my brother successful. My family is a very loving family and will do anything to help others and our community.

What Are Your Goals for the Future?

I wanted to be a firefighter for so long, but that changed last May when I had an unexpected life-changing experience and had to have a pacemaker put in to help my heart out.  One morning, my mom came in to wake me up, and I wasn’t responding to her, and we knew something was wrong. Come to find out, my heart stopped multiple times overnight, so that’s when I was rushed in for emergency surgery the next morning. I don’t know what it’s like to have cancer, but I do know what that feeling of having your life turned upside down, the things you once loved not being a part of your life anymore, and not knowing what the future holds for you.

My new goals for the future are to go to ASU and study in the medical field. I’m unsure what I want to do yet, I was leaning more toward pediatric cardiology, but I’ve always wanted to help patients. The human body and how it works has always interested me. So, with that being said, my goal in life is to be the best I can be, give back to those in need, and help others as they have helped me.

What Are Your Personal Reasons for Participating in the Pink Ribbon Riders?

I am participating in Pink Ribbon Riders because my great-grandmother was affected, and so many other women that I know have been affected by this nasty illness. I see the hard times they go through and I want to help out in any way I can to make the simple things in life easier for them. I became more interested in supporting Pink Robin Riders when I met an amazing woman, Megan, up snowmobiling in St. Germain, and she is a big part of the organization.

The love and passion she had to help out these men and women and raise money made me realize that’s something I want to be a part of. So, helping out this amazing organization for breast Pink Ribbon Riders can change the future in so many ways for so many people. And by me helping out as much as I can makes me feel grateful that I’m able to do this. And if people see the positive in this and any little bit helps, people might see what I’m doing and want to do the same.

Describe the Event in More Detail. What is Your Ultimate Goal?

Induction Innovations Interviewee Sadie Wins Award at Pink Ribbon Riders Event for Breast Cancer Awareness and Support

This event is held on the ice in St. Germain, Wisconsin, on Little St. Germain Lake, where thousands of people come to gather. It’s a two-day event. Friday is fun activities such as setting up for the races, live bands, and fireworks. Saturday is just as fun, but that’s when all the races start. The girls can wear bikinis for breast cancer awareness if they would like to, and we race down a straight track for the fastest speed. They determine the winner by combining the speed and the amount of money they raised.

There are also races open for everyone, any age, trying to get the fastest times with their sleds. Last year, the races were canceled due to ice conditions. There wasn’t enough ice frozen on the lake. So Pink Ribbon Riders held an event at the local community club in St. Germain. The bikini racers raced mini Z snowmobiles around a track in heats, and they took the top winners from all the heats and had them do one final race for fun. In the end, it was a success, and we all had a blast.

We gathered inside and announced the money all of us raised and the top three pledges!! I came in third place my first year, raising a little under $11,000 and a grand total of just over $100,000 with all of our pledges put together. I was so excited but more excited for this year to race on the ice, and my ultimate goal this year is to, of course, raise more money than last year and come in the top three again with all my pledges.

What Does the Color Pink Mean to You?

The color pink is a very bright, vibrant color. My favorite color is pink. Pink is a very meaningful color; many people think pink is a girly color, or Barbie comes to mind when they see the color pink. When I see the color pink, I think of October and winter. Weird, right? I think of that beautiful pink ribbon and how I pushed so hard for many months to raise as much money as I could by having meat raffles, finding sponsorships, my Team Turner apparel page, and my Gofundme page to help the men and women who are in need.


What Gives You Hope?

What gives me hope is if more people look at this cause like I do, maybe we can raise more awareness to help all men and women throughout these tough times. There are so many organizations out there to help find a cause and fight cancer itself, but not many things to help the patients out while they are fighting it. So, joining and being a part of something so amazing gives me hope that I can be a part of that helping hand for someone who needs it.

How to Donate

Each year in the month of October, Induction Innovations donates a portion of its proceeds to breast cancer research. To support Sadie, visit her dedicated Facebook page, where you can see highlights, donate, and keep up to date on the amazing work she’s doing.  You can also donate on her Gofundme Page!Support the Fighters, Admire the Survivors, Remember the Angels and Never Give up Hope!

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