Resellers: Boosting Induction Heating Sales through Demos

Thursday August 4, 2016

Induction Heating: Boosting Sales through Demos

When supplying an induction heating tool like the Mini-Ductor, it’s important for a reseller, distributor, warehouse, or jobber to have a demonstration unit and spare coils on hand. Many are reluctant to do so because there is no resale value on a product that has been used for demos. However, the amount of interest that can be generated from showing a mechanic the tool, and letting them try it themselves, out-weighs the expense of using one as a demo unit making it an investment.

Demonstrations should last between 20 and 30 minutes, which is the optimum time to get the message across sensibly without miss-selling anything.

New & Used Coils

It’s important to show both new and used coils. This helps when talking about the health and safety aspects of the product because you can show what a coil should look like and also display the signs to look out for when a coil starts to wear and needs replacing, before it to become a safety risk. The condition of the coil is very important because, if the coating on the coil becomes worn and damaged, it can lead to metal-on-metal contact, which can cause a store of energy in the vehicle that is being worked on and result in an electric shock. Worn coils can also take longer to heat items too, which will impact on the product’s efficiency.

The added benefit of explaining the need to replace damaged coils is the resale opportunities and repeat business this can create for you in the future.

Induction Sales Technicians

Some resellers are also reluctant because of availability of staff who are qualified to competently demo the tool. However, Induction Innovations offers a service where a trained sales technician will go with a reseller to demo the Mini-Ductor for customers. Having mechanics booked in for a visit like this means they know you are coming and can gather all technicians for the demonstration, rather than just the owner. This way, the technicians in the garage may be able to influence the decision of the owner to make a purchase.

Around eight to 10 garages can be visited in a day. Resellers can then make follow-up sales calls to those customers.

Interestingly, one of the best ways to talk a prospective buyer through the finer details of the Mini-Ductor is by actually keeping the product itself hidden away initially. Taking the Mini-Ductor out of its case takes attention away from what is being discussed. Keeping the product out of view allows you to skim through the operating and safety manual without the customer being distracted.


Key safety rules when using a Mini-Ductor:

  • Keep work area clean and well illuminated
  • Always have a fully charged fire extinguisher on hand
  • Do no operate the tool if you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other kind of electronic or metal surgical implant
  • Remove all jewellery, watches, coins and any other metals which could conduct heat from your person when operating the tool

The coil itself doesn’t get hot. Instead, the energy is created by an electromagnetic field between the two sides of the coil which creates a friction in the molecules of the metal which causes it to get hot. There will be some residual heat passed on to the coil, but it doesn’t actually get hot itself. This is one of the major unique selling propositions of the Mini-Ductor as it means that wires and other components aside the area that is being heated don’t get damaged. However, because of the electromagnetic field, it’s important to keep all car key fobs, mobile phones and credit cards away from your person when using or demonstrating the tool, as they could be damaged.

It’s also important not to switch the tool on until you have it in place, around the bolt. If there is nothing for the electromagnetic field to heat, then the energy is returned back up the coil into the tool which, if done repeatedly, may cause damage to the tool.

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