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Resellers: What You Should Know about the Mini-Ductor Venom Induction Heater Tool

Sunday October 9, 2016

Resellers: What You Should Know about the Mini-Ductor Venom

What Is Venom & Why Is It So Popular?

Riding the success of the market leading Mini-Ductor® portal induction heating tool series, the innovative new Mini-Ductor Venom™ features several innovations for mechanics:

  • Angled, lightweight ergonomic design
  • Convenient Coil Twist Lock™ (no thumb screws)
  • LED usage indicator
  • Fault override delay
  • Thermal cooling enhancements

All of the above, combined with our decades of experience, combines to make the most effective and efficient induction portable heating tool in the automotive repair market. Venom is also useful to repair CNC machines, and removing small parts that are corroded or seized for agricultural, marine, rail, aerospace, and military equipment.

The launch of Venom will generate inquiries from your customers, so here are our top 3 tips for how to sell our new product effectively.

1. Your Customers Will Increase Their Profitability

The new Mini-Ductor Venom uses flameless, Invisible Heat® in many applications to remove old, rusted or corroded nuts, bolts, O2 sensors, fixings, windows, body moldings, body panels, and more – safely, speedily and with control.

As a result, there’s no longer any need to use torches or open flame to remove parts, which are unreliable, time consuming and can damage the area around the part – all of which affects productivity and, ultimately, profitability. And if oxygen-acetylene use is reduced or eliminated, insurance premiums will decline.

2. Demonstrating Venom Is Successful 80%+

Investing time in training and learning how to demonstrate Venom drives sales. Once the portable induction heater is in their hands, they will see how fast and easy it is to use. It’s also important to discuss using both new and used coils so they new when to replace a coil.

3. Marketing Support & Product Awareness

We invest a lot of time and money into advertising in automotive aftermarket magazines and online. We also offer numerous step-by-step advice for many different applications as well as field sales tech support if you need assistance on a large or strategically important opportunity.

Some Key Questions to Ask Your Customers

  • Have you ever caused damage with a torch?
  • Does removing parts take up a lot of time and would a new solution make their lives easier?
  • Do you regularly have to replace parts that you could have kept?
  • Do you want or need to improve safety in your shop?

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How often do you follow up with customers about purchasing additional coils and attachments?
  • What applications do you hear about most frequently?
  • Which applications have been the most unique or inventive? (you want customers thinking and talking about more than just rusty nuts and bolts)
  • Are you demonstrating the tools? Could you use a demo kit and further training?

Let us know the answers to these questions and how we can help you introduce Venom to more people.

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Induction Innovations, Inc.

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