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Friday February 19, 2016

Freeing off rusted, corroded or thread locked vehicle nuts and other parts, which are often found in inaccessible areas, takes up a lot of time. Not only is it frustrating, but it’s inefficient. If you’re using an oxy-acetylene torch, the process is potentially hazardous and you run the risk of damaging the area around the part you’re trying to remove, which can prove costly.

What’s the Solution?

The Mini-Ductor® handheld induction heating range, from Induction Innovations, leverages Invisible Heat to remove adhesives bonded to metal quickly, easily and safely.

With the range including user friendly 240V, 110V and 12V battery powered, portable versions, sales are on the increase for this popular tool. The tool comes with 3 bendable coils, ideal for hard-to-reach areas and thin enough to wrap round the nut and heat it in seconds for easy removal. As the heat is localized on the part, there’s less risk of damaging the area around it.

One independent garage user says, “It presents such a change from the extra health and safety steps required when using an open flame, which can all add up to a lot of time and effort before you have even started the job!”

However, with the Mini-Ductor tool it really is a case of simply plugging it in, ensuring you have the correct coil attached for the size of bolt, giving it a few seconds to heat up and off you go. It is very easy to tell when the bolt may be overheating because the coil still leaves visibility, whereas an open flame is almost guesswork because you have such a bright light in your face!” Rob Cooper, Commercial Motors

  • Cost savings: insurance premiums are often lower if oxy-acetylene is not stored on the premises and fewer parts are damaged
  • The quick, efficient heating process saves valuable time, which equals increased profits

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Induction Innovations, Inc.

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European Patent Office (EPO): patent 002076372-0001 applies to all handheld, inline induction heaters; patent pending for the Mini-Ductor 220V (MD-800) and Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500)
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