Induction Innovations Launches a New Logo & Website

Thursday September 24, 2015

Induction Innovations logo with Blue Text

This Represents the First Step in the Company’s Next Evolution & Coincides with Their 15th Anniversary

Induction Innovations, Inc. today announces the launch of their new corporate logo and website, which coincides with the company’s 15th anniversary. This represents an important foundational step in the company’s next evolution as a leader in the induction heating industry, and is the first step of an aggressive growth strategy that will include the launch of new products over the next 12 months.

Evolution in a Logo

The previous logo was developed when the company was founded in 2000 when the first product of the Inductor® Series was launched. The branding of Induction Innovations focused on a look and feel stemming from the company’s initial focus on supplying auto mechanics and body shops in the U.S. with induction heating equipment to replace the use of torches and open flame.

Today, Induction Innovations sells both induction heating equipment (Inductor Series) and handheld devices (Mini-Ductor®), all over the world. These products are sold to the automotive industry as well as those that service and repair construction, farm, industrial, and marine equipment. Thus, a new look and feel was needed that will be used in the design of at least two new products to be launched over the next year.

A Strengthened Online Presence

The new Induction Innovations website carries the refreshed design language of the logo forward in digital form. The website also features e-commerce so that end-users can now purchase Induction Innovations accessories and replacement parts through the website.

“We wanted the new logo to build a bridge from our past to our future,” said Johanna Smith, Director of Business Development of Induction Innovations. “We used a similar color scheme and overall shape as the original logo, but incorporated more modern styling, font and effects. Our new website takes both this new design language and online presence to a new level. This also includes much more application content on how our products are used and the ability for everyone to buy our accessories and replacement parts much more easily than in the past. All Inductor Series and Mini-Ductor® models will continue to be available only through our authorized distributor and reseller partners, and not on our website.”

A Prelude to Growth

“As part of our aggressive company growth strategy, we recognized the need to strengthen our branding and overall marketing presence that will help us leverage our strengths in manufacturing and sales,” said Tom Gough, President of Induction Innovations. “Our new logo and website represent a foundational step in our evolution that we can build upon going forward over our next 15 years. More exciting things are to come from us over the next year and beyond, and this is but a prelude. Stay tuned…”

For more information call (847) 836-6933 or contact us here.

About Induction Innovations

Induction Innovations, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high performance induction heaters. Our headquarters and all manufacturing is located in Elgin, Illinois, just west of Chicago. Induction Innovations was founded by president Tom Gough in 2000 after the first model of the Inductor Series was developed, which uses high-frequency magnetic fields to heat ferrous metal objects without an open flame, cutting torch time in half. The Inductor Series now includes the ProMax, Max, Glass Blaster. The Mini-Ductor is a handheld induction heater that is now available in 110V, 220/230V and 12V (battery powered) versions. Both the Inductor Series and Mini-Ductor are used for repair and maintenance in the automotive, construction, farm equipment, industrial, and marine industries.

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