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8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Induction Innovations

Friday April 2, 2021

image for the 8 fun facts you didn't know about induction innovations blogYesterday was April Fool’s Day and in that spirit, we thought it might be fun to share 8 fun facts you didn’t know about Induction Innovations, the inspiration behind our products, and fun facts about our Founder, Tom Gough.

8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know:

Fact #1: History of Induction Heat

First, let’s start with a little history behind induction heat. If you’ve been following our social media at all, you might recognize this one.

Michael Faraday was an English scientist in the mid-1800s who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis.

Over 150 years later in the year 2000, Induction Innovations applied and introduced the technology to the Aftermarket Automotive Repair Industry.

Fact #2: Tom Learns About Induction Heat

Now, here is a little history about how Tom got introduced to induction heat.

As an adolescent, Tom Gough would work in his father’s Dental Lab prepping dental work for use in an Induction Casting Machine. In the induction casting machine, gold and other alloys melt with induction heat, and then the metals are injected into dental molds.

It was these scientific teachings by his father that piqued Tom’s interest when revisiting the processes later in life while he was working in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry and as a Volunteer Firefighter. A fellow volunteer at the Fire Department, who was also an electrical engineer, re-sparked Tom’s interest in Induction Heat later.

Fact #3: Tom’s Daughter Takes an Interestred camping mug used to demonstrate mini-ductor products

In the early days of Induction Innovations, while conducting R&D for the first product the Inductor 2000, Tom’s daughter came home from school one day with an idea for the product.

She grabbed a tin camping cup, filled it with milk and hot chocolate, and then asked her dad for the Inductor. Then she proceeded to heat up the hot chocolate in the tin cup with the Fast-Off Pad.

Tom’s daughter was paying attention in school and learned what induction technology was all about. To this day a tin camping cup is used in demos at trade shows.

Fact #4: Induction Innovations Becomes a Family Business

Induction Innovations was originally a basement/garage startup company. Manufacturing started in the basement of Tom’s house and shipping was in the garage. Many members of the family had assisted him in production to keep up with the orders. 

At this time, Tom was still holding on to his full-time job in collision repair. He would work all hours of the night and at times took cat naps under a car.

Fact #5: We Start Attending Trade Shows

Tom Gough at a Tradeshow accepting PTEN Award

The very first trade show Induction Innovations attended was NACE in December of 2000. We had a simple 10′ x 10′ booth with a cardboard sign and a six-foot table. The Inductor 2000 was demonstrated and the product was received, with 40 units ordered at that show. All orders were “made to order” with a 6–8-week lead time.

Fact #6: Second Trade Show, Orders Doubled

In December of 2001 at the NACE Trade Show, Induction Innovations’ second show, orders DOUBLED.

Halfway through the show, Tom knew he had to go all-in… 110%! He quit his full-time job, figuring he could always go back to collision repair work if Induction Innovations didn’t work out. Well, we’re here and thriving 20 years later. SUCCESS!

Fact #7: How the Mini-Ductor Came About

At some point, the Automotive Industry requested a Mini-Ductor-like product. The Inductor was taken to several shops and demonstrated. The mechanics liked what they saw, however, did not care for the size and cost of the product. 

They thought the equipment might be too big and too expensive for a technician to purchase for themselves. Induction Innovations listened and soon the original Mini-Ductor (MD600) was born which provided techs with a portable, handheld version of the Inductor.

This was the beginning of a whole new solution for techs around the world.

Fact #8: A Helicopter Hanger & Office Space

As Induction Innovations grew, there was a need for more space. In 2006, we rented a portion of a nearby helicopter hanger where we acquired the much-needed office and warehouse space. The landlord a Vietnam Vet/Helicopter Recon Pilot had some interesting stories about his wartime experiences.

After four years, we left the hangar and purchased our own building in 2010 to accommodate the company’s growth. Now here we are 1175 Jansen Farm Court!

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