Avoid Costly Farming Equipment Downtime with Induction Heat

Friday February 28, 2020

WWII Mk 18 Torpedo Repaired with Induction Heating

With options like hydraulic cab suspension, panorama roofs and up to 30 degrees of right-hand seat swivel, the newest tractors also come equipped with price tags – and repair costs – that put them out of reach for many farmers.

That’s one reason farmers are so meticulous about maintaining their old equipment, holding on to big ticket items like tractors and combines as long as possible and looking for used equipment when it’s time to replace them.

Classic tractors cost less, have smaller maintenance and repair costs and are easier to use than their extravagantly accessorized showroom counterparts, and are increasingly in demand.

Using induction heat—or “flameless torch” as it’s known by many farmers—results in faster repairs, less downtime and eliminates the risk of fire.

No More Torch

Repairs are an important part of protecting your investments in equipment, but they also take the machinery out of commission, which costs additional time and money. That’s why so many farmers are turning to induction heating tools for repair and maintenance tasks that would otherwise require the use of an oxyacetylene torch.

Not only is induction heat quicker than an oxyacetylene torch, it also saves consumables and parts normally discarded in the repair process and comes without the risk posed by working with an open flame.

Eliminate the Risk of Fire

Farmers are keenly aware of the risk of fire, especially during the dry harvesting seasons. While the torch is the go-to solution for a variety of repairs, it’s an outdated solution that can be more dangerous than it’s worth in a setting that includes an array of flammable agents, including pesticides and other chemicals and crop dust.

With induction heat, the concentrated heat can greatly reduce the repair time while also decreasing the risk of damage to your equipment. The Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor Series is safe to use around fuel and brake lines as well as hoses and belts.

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Induction Heating for Farming: An Infographic

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