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Evolution of the Mini-Ductor Product Line

Friday November 6, 2020

Mini-Ductor Product Evolution

Over the years, our Mini-Ductor Series products have gone through multiple versions and reinventions. The product line has continued to evolve in design, power, and each line offers different features.

We often get questions about the differences between the products, so we’re here to answer them by providing an overview of the entire product line and the benefits each product has to offer.

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The Mini-Ductor II

Released in 2009, the Mini-Ductor II is the second generation in the line of Mini-Ductors, the first edition of the tool released in 2004.

It features an inline design with an ergonomic grip that helps the user reach those tight-fitting areas. Like all our induction heating products, the Mini-Ductor II is safer and more precise than using an open flame to release ferrous metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds.

The unit offers LED illumination to light up your workspace, a push-button activation, and thumbscrews to fasten your coils into place. The Mini-Ductor II features 1000 watts of power and comes with a standard one-year warranty.

The Mini-Ductor Venom

The Venom, which was released in 2016, also contains 1000 watts of power. It features an enhanced design in the form of a pistol-grip made for easier handling and more ease getting into those hard-to-reach places and has a trigger activation. An evolution over the MDII thumbscrews, the Venom has a Coil Twist-Lock feature that locks coils into place with one easy twist.

Another enhancement that the Venom has is a manual LED work light that is user-controlled. With the MDII, the work light only comes on when the unit is engaged. The internal fan on the Venom is programmed to run continuously until the unit is properly cooled down. This is also an upgrade from the MDII which runs when the red button is pushed.

And finally, the Venom contains a fault monitor LED indicator light, which indicates when a condition occurred that might cause damage; the monitor automatically shuts down and prevents damage from various conditions.

The Mini-Ductor Venom HP: Highest-Powered

Released in 2019, the Mini-Ductor Venom HP is the highest-powered Mini-Ductor available. At 1800 watts of power, the HP is almost twice as fast as the Venom model. The HP features all the same design benefits as the Mini-Ductor Venom and comes in a BOLD green color. It allows users to release larger metal components using invisible heat faster than ever before.

Both the Venom and Venom HP come with a 2-year warranty. For a brief history and comparison of all Mini-Ductors, click here.

What Comes with my Mini-Ductor?

All three of these products come with a custom carrying case and our Coil Variety Pack of three coils – the standard pre-formed 7/8”, a 41” flexible bearing buddy, and the U-form coil, which will hold its shape once molded to your desired size.

Optional Coil Packs & Accessories

We offer a variety of coil packs and kits, which are compatible with all the Mini-Ductor products. We also offer coils to be purchased individually. Our most popular kit is the Standard Coil Kit which contains varying sizes ranging from 3/4” up to 1 ¾”.

Next, we have the Essential Coil Kit which features coils up to 1” in diameter.

The Long Coil Kit has the same diameters as the Standard Coil Kit, but with longer leads, making it even easier to get into hard-to-reach places. All the leads are flexible and can be bent for your specific application.

Specialty Coil Packs

We have coil packs that feature more specialty coils such as the Thin Wall Coil Pack. Because the coils are thin, this pack is ideal for recessed lug nuts. We also offer the Bearing Buddy Coil Pack, which contains a 41” and 96” bearing buddy, along with a heat resistant mat which wraps around the application to help prolong the life of the coils.

Last but not least, we offer the Mini-Pad attachment which can remove graphics, pinstriping, and body side molding as well as emblems and soft dents.

Coil Care

With proper coil care, you should get around 200 uses us of any of our coils. Read this blog to learn more about how to properly care for induction heating coils.

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