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How Induction Heat Provides Solutions Across Industries and Applications

Friday July 8, 2022

who uses induction heat blogIf you are new to induction heat and Induction Innovations, you might wonder, “Who uses our Mini-Ductor® and Inductor® tools and how do they solve problems?” It is important to put our tools into the context of a work environment to understand how they provide a faster, safer, and more reliable heating solution than the traditional methods. 

In this article, we look at how induction heat provides valuable solutions across multiple industries and what applications those industries are performing.

Induction Heat Across Industries:


Induction Innovations tools have been used in the automotive repair industry for over 20 years. President Tom Gough developed the first Inductor model in 2000. He was inspired to invent these tools after dealing with 28 years in collision repair and seeing the many time-consuming processes found in the vehicle and equipment repair industry.

Who uses it?

What do they do?

With the Mini-Ductor Series, these technicians can remove stuck bolts, bearings, O2 sensors, tie rod ends, caliper bolts, lug nuts, adhesives like graphics and decals, and seat belt bolts, and many more! With the Inductor series, technicians can remove larger pieces like auto glass (windshields, back glass, quarter glass), spray-in bedliners, plastic moldings, seam sealers, graphics, decals, emblems, as well as nuts and bolts. See our Inductor Series Applications page.


Ag Applications MiniDuctorVenomFarm technicians utilize induction heat in repairing farm equipment in the off-season and out in the field when time is of the essence. Induction heat provides farmers with a safe way to repair equipment, especially when chemical or flammable materials are present.

Technicians use the Mini-Ductor to release bolts and bearings from tractors, combines, and sprayers, as well as:

  • Parts when fertilizer and dust are present – especially combines
  • Parts in sensitive areas where there is a risk of causing unseen damage to electrical wiring and automatic lubrication systems
  • Sprayers with chemical build-up
  • Lug nuts and other fasteners on cars and trucks
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Boat repair techs and/or master dealers utilize induction heaters to remove power steering rods, motor mounts and flanges, boat trailers, seized propellers, and more!

Trucking, Heavy-Duty Hauling & Construction

Induction heating tools are beneficial in servicing truck repair for fleet and independent truck repair shops that repair trailers, heavy and light-duty trucks, construction equipment, municipal and state equipment, snowplow, landscaping vehicles, etc.

Additional Industries and Applications

We provide flameless heat solutions for Aviation, Industrial, Welding, Manufacturing, Brazing, Sealing, Shrink Fitting, Heat Treatment, and more.

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