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Mini-Ductor II Review from Real Tool Reviews

Monday August 3, 2020

Real Tool Reviews reviewed the Mini-Ductor II handheld 110V induction heater used to repair cars, trucks, farm equipment, and more – watch the video

Twenty years ago, Induction Innovations became a pioneer in the use of induction heat for automotive, agricultural, trucking, salvage, marine, construction, and aerospace repairs. In the decades since, a loyal customer base of collision repair mechanics, auto restorers and others has grown around our Mini-Ductor Series of tools, populating YouTube and other social media platforms with their reviews and demos.

The jobs may vary, but the takeaway of these testimonials is largely the same: induction heat is a much faster, safer process for removing rusted or corroded parts than using an open flame.

YouTube Channel Reviews Mini-Ductor II Flameless Torch

One review in particular, stands out, both for the diligence of its research and the pros behind it. Real Tool Reviews, a team of professional reviewers who conduct in-depth reviews of everything automotive, construction, DIY and more, reviewed  the Mini-Ductor® II, our popular handheld 110V induction heater.

Before they shoot their videos, Real Tool Reviews does its homework, conducting a series of runtime and performance tests, among others, to provide the viewer with everything they need to know. Their goal is to provide “a complete picture of what to expect” so the audience leaves without having to search for additional information.

Exploring the Mini-Ductor II Features

After coming across Induction Innovations at SEMA, Real Tool Reviews decided to showcase the Mini-Ductor II in a video called “Mini-Ductor II – Flameless Heat System – MD-700 – MADE IN USA.”  Daniel, an editor and reviewer for the Real Tool Review team, describes the benefits and features of the Mini-Ductor II, before demonstrating  two applications.

Generating invisible heat, the flameless handheld Mini-Ductor II can heat nuts, bolts, and other ferrous metals glowing red hot without producing flames or sparks. This heat releases parts from corrosion or thread lock compounds in just a matter of seconds so parts can easily be removed with no damage to adjacent parts or paint. And all of this can be done by plugging the tool into a standard wall outlet.

Replacing Rusted Leaf Spring Bushings

The reviewer starts with replacing the rear leaf spring bushings on a Ford F250 truck. The bushings are worn out and the bolts holding it in place are heavily rusted and seized. Before demonstrating the Mini-Ductor II, the reviewer attempts to remove the bolts with a ratchet, but they do not budge. He hits a bolt with a few seconds of Mini-Ductor II power, the bolt turns a glowing red and it is easily removed with no collateral damage.

Creating Custom-Made Tools

Removing rusted nuts and bolts is among the many standard applications frequently demonstrated in YouTube video reviews of Induction Innovations products. But the second application that Daniel shows is not one we have seen before, as he creates his own custom wrench with induction heat. He explains that sometimes he comes across a job requiring a wrench to fit a tight area. Instead of having to purchase and wait for a new tool, he puts a standard wrench into a vice,  applies induction heat to the middle, then bends the wrench into a 90-degree angle with pliers. A custom tool in only a few seconds!

Never Burn Yourself or Start Fires

Among the many applications and benefits of the Mini-Ductor, safety is one of the most important. Removing seized parts by cutting or breaking them is inefficient and using torches can be dangerous. Torches produce large flames in a highly-flammable environment and can be especially dangerous when working on farm & agricultural equipment. The Mini-Ductor offers a localized, precise range of heat that only heats up what is within the coil, providing a much more controlled process for releasing those stubborn parts.

Upgrade to Venom

While we love the Mini-Ductor II, the Venom® and higher powered Venom HP is the latest technology in our Mini-Ductor Series. Both Venom models feature an angled, gun-like design with trigger, a coil twist lock so you know when the coil is properly in place, an LED usage indicator, and fault override delay of three seconds if the Venom gets too hot. To buy one, shop our store today or visit one of our authorized resellers.


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