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Troubleshooting Guide for the Mini-Ductor and Inductor Series

Thursday November 4, 2021

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troubleshooting guideAre you having issues with your Mini-Ductor or Inductor series units? We have created a troubleshooting guide to help guide you through correcting issues and provide you with information on where to send the unit in for repair should you need to.

Some of the first questions we ask customers when troubleshooting over the phone are:

  • What type of unit do you have?
  • What is the problem you are experiencing?

Whether you have a Mini-Ductor or Inductor series product, there are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot at home or in your shop if your application is not heating up.

You can also view this information here:

Troubleshooting Guide for the Mini-Ductor and Inductor Series

The following criteria can apply to either the Mini-Ductor or Inductor Line.

If your unit is not heating up:

  • What material are you trying to heat? Make sure that what you are heating is ferrous. Try sticking a magnet to the application to determine if it is ferrous or not. If the magnet sticks, the metal is ferrous. If the metal is non-ferrous, our products will not work for your application.
  • Is the outlet you’re using working? Try plugging something else into the outlet to test that it works. Voltage should be around 110-120V.
  • Are you using an extension cord? If so, make sure the cord is a 12 gauge (no longer than 50 feet) or a 14 gauge (no longer than 25ft).

Mini-Ductor Troubleshooting:Mini Ductor line for troubleshooting

If the unit is not turning on:

  • The unit may have overheated. Unplug it from the wall and let the tool cool down before trying again.

Did you hear a popping noise when using the unit?

  • Send the unit in for repair.

Is the fan running when the unit is engaged?

  • If the answer is no, send the unit in for repair.

What is the condition of your coils?

  • If they are brittle and frayed, this could be why the application is not heating up. In this instance, the coils need to be replaced.

If there is melting at the base (only applies to Mini-Ductor II):

  • Your thumbscrews are not tight enough. Thumbscrews need to be making good contact with the coils otherwise, the heat will not go to the end of the coil.

Inductor Troubleshooting:Inductor line for troubleshooting

Do you hear a beeping sound when the foot pedal is engaged?

  • If so, this means that the unit is getting power. If you hear a clicking sound, the unit will need to be sent in for repair.

Is the gauge on the front display moving?

  • Place the attachment against metal. If the gauge is moving, it is working. If not, try another attachment. If you are still receiving the same result with the second attachment, the unit will need to be sent in for repair.

Try a different attachment:

  • If you have more than one attachment, try the unit with a different attachment and see if you are still having the same issue. If not, you probably need to replace that attachment.

Check the Bellows and Hose for any leaks.


If you are still experiencing a problem with your unit, send it to our repairs department. If you live outside the USA, please call our office for further instructions.

In addition to your unit, make sure to include ALL attachments and coils, a brief description of the issue, and good contact information. Once we receive the unit, a member of our customer service team will be in touch to discuss any necessary repairs.

Repairs Department: 1175 Jansen Farm Court Elgin, IL 60123

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