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Why is Induction Heat So Effective for Automotive Repair and More?

Friday November 10, 2017

Why is Induction Heat So Effective for Automotive Repair and More?

Induction heating has been making tricky repair jobs easier for 100 years.

From cook tops to industrial manufacturing, to aerospace, construction, marine, auto body repair, and farm equipment repair, the benefits of a rapid and precise source of Invisible Heat® have led to a wide variety of applications – with new uses still being discovered.

How Induction Heating Works

Induction heating works by generating a high frequency magnetic field that can travel through a few inches of space, plastic, glass, or any non-metallic material. When the magnetic field encounters metal, it creates a circulating current in the metal. The current combines with resistance in the metal to generate heat. The greater the resistance, the greater the heat produced. High resistance, ferrous metals such as iron, steel and nickel generate more heat compared to low resistance metals like aluminum or copper.

Greater Control, Reduced Risk for Automotive Repair

Tools that utilize induction heat can save a lot of time and effort. For mechanics and auto body shops, induction heating tools can be used for everything from windshield removal to paintless dent repair to the loosening of rusted or frozen nuts and bolts. Induction heat is ideal for quickly releasing stuck/seized hardware while leaving nearby paint or plastics unscarred.

For example, the handheld Mini-Ductor® can heat a lug nut or bolt red hot in seconds. This creates a distinct advantage over acetylene torches, which can leave the surrounding areas damaged and pose a risk of igniting flammable liquids in the workspace.

For windshield removal, the use of induction heating to unseal the bond without the use of wire or knives allows glass to be removed from the outside – without touching the interior trim. It’s a process that takes less than 15 minutes.

Induction Heating Beyond Automotive

At Induction Innovations, our researchers have been developing uses for induction heating technology since the 1990s. While we have a strong footprint in the automotive industry, where thousands of mechanics and technicians in the auto collision, auto recycling/salvage, and auto glass fields use our Inductor® Series, Mini-Ductor Venom™ and Inductor Series Glass Blaster® induction heating tools, we are constantly exploring new applications. In addition, our customers regularly discover new uses for our tools on their own.

The speed and safety benefits have led to a wide variety of applications in other industries. Truck mechanics use it to remove kingpins. Agricultural uses include the removal of stuck bearings, bolts and other ferrous metal parts on a wide variety of farming equipment, eliminating the risk of a torch igniting dust or flammable particles. For CNC machines, the ability to quickly and evenly heat seized metal parts and spindles is also driving the adoption of induction heating.

When used properly, induction heating tools can do things that no other tool available can do as fast or as well. Let us know if you have questions about how induction heating can work for you.

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