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Wednesday April 29, 2020

Remove Spray-On Bedliners with Induction Heating

Releasing metal from corrosion and thread lock compounds can be a daunting and frustrating task.

The Mini-Ductor Series of induction heating tools makes it easy to release metal from corrosion and thread lock compounds up to 90% faster – ¾” nuts are turned red hot in seconds – and without the dangers of an open flame.

The Heat Without the Flame

Induction heating offers a combination of speed, consistency and control by using invisible, flameless heat that is transferred to the product via electromagnetic waves. The part never comes into direct contact with any flame, and the coil itself does not get hot. The coil serves as the transformer primary and the part to be heated becomes a short circuit secondary. When a metal part is placed within the induction coil and enters the magnetic field, circulating eddy currents are induced within the part. These eddy currents flow against the electrical resistivity of the metal, generating precise and localized heat without any direct contact between the part and the coil.

Precise. Safe. Reliable.

These products work without the risk of damage an acetylene torches poses to nearby plastics, rubber, wiring and fuel lines, eliminating unnecessary repair and install. The Mini-Ductor product line works with all Mini-Ductor accessories, including the Standard Coil Kit, Essential Coil Kit, Long Coil Kit, Bearing Buddy, Mini-Pad and the Thin Wall Coil. All of the coils are flexible and can be bent or separated for a variety of applications. Each coil will last for a couple hundred uses or more, subject to proper use (avoid abrasion and overheating).

Variety of Applications

There’s no longer any need to use a potentially dangerous torch to remove parts. An open flame is unreliable, time consuming and can damage the area around the part, impacting safety, productivity and profits.

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