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Saturday March 4, 2017

Induction Innovations Inductor Lite

Induction Innovations introduces the new Inductor Lite®, a compact induction heater with up to 2,400 watts of power. Using high frequency magnetic fields, the Inductor Lite utilizes Invisible Heat® to easily remove parts bonded to metal, including adhesives, logos, moldings, glazed windows, stone guard protection, sealers, mechanical parts, and dents.

The Inductor Lite has a range of 85-265 volts, making it suitable for a variety of jobs. The digital interface makes it easy to monitor and control the Inductor Lite’s power, both manually and automatically. With the Inductor Lite, you’ll be able to re-use and salvage parts you’d throw away otherwise and avoid using dangerous, toxic solvents. The Inductor Lite also comes with a number of attachments, making it even more versatile.

Windshield & Quarter Glass Removal

The Inductor Lite Glass Blaster, activated by a button or a foot pedal, is the quick, easy way to remove windows and sun roofs. In addition to bonded auto glass, the Glass Blaster will make it simple to get rid of SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, undercoating, appliqués, and spray-on bedliners in no time. It peels off welded metal sheets and burns off stone guard protection with the heated scraper. You’ll be able to remove windshields from outside the vehicle in less than 15 minutes. There’s no need to remove the interior trim because the Glass Blaster releases urethane in hard-to-reach areas where other glass tools can’t go, with no damage to the encapsulant or blackout masking. Quarter glass can be detached in less than 3 minutes and bedliners be removed in as little as a few hours.

A Fast Way to Remove Molding, Decals, Graphics & More

The Inductor Lite Fast-Off Pad allows you to remove body side molding, decals, vinyl graphics, badges, and pinstriping with ease by heating the sheet metal. The heat level is adjustable, allowing you to use low heat to peel off decals and graphics without damaging the paint. The high heat setting will take care of thicker body side molding, removing tape and adhesive as well.

The Concentrator

The Inductor Lite also offers a Concentrator attachment, which makes work in cold weather faster and easier. Instead of waiting for panels to warm up, you’ll be able to release seized hardware such as bolts, screws, shock absorbers, and track rod ends from corrosion, threadlock compounds, and other adhesives without the need of an open flame.

Additional Accessories & Attachments

Finally, the Inductor Lite includes a plastic wedge accessory: a tough scraper that will make it easy to get rid of badges and protective coatings. Optional accessories are also available. The cart and cable support attachment will help you manage all your cords and accessories with a portable metal trolley featuring a cable hanger. The Inductor Lite PDR Baton attachment will allow you to fix small bumps, door dings, and other minor soft dents.

Get One Today

Let the Inductor Lite take the time and work out of bodywork and molding removal. Compact, powerful, and perfect for automobile, marine, or industrial use. Get today from an authorized Induction Innovations reseller today.

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