Infographic: 5-Step Windshield Removal with Induction Heating

Thursday September 21, 2017

Windshield Removal with Induction Heating Glass Blaster

Automotive windshield removal can be a tough job for collision repair shops and salvage yards. Traditional methods require inadequate tools, a lot of patience whether you’re doing it yourself or sub-contracting it out, and often results in damage.

With our patented Inductor® Glass Blaster®, a tough job gets a lot easier – and more profitable.

To Go Where No Knife Has Gone Before!

(No Wires! No Knives! Just Profit!)

(Save Time, Save on Consumables, Salvage Glass Normally Discarded)

As illustrated in the 5-step infographic below, the Glass Blaster is a unique time saving approach for removing automotive glass without the need for wire, knives or other traditional tools. Imagine removing automotive glass without cutting the encapsulant, scratching the frit, and with little to no need to pull the interior. Guide pins are kept intact for ease of re-installation since they weren’t cut.

Infographic: 5-Step Windshield Removal with Induction Heating

A non-metallic tape wrapping protects the glass as the Glass Blaster quickly and cleanly heats and unseals the bond, allowing the glass to be removed from the outside, without touching the interior trim, and without the muscle power usually required. From locating the urethane bead to lifting the glass out, the entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

The Glass Blaster releases urethane in hard to reach areas such as curves and deep pockets, where other glass tools can’t go.

Back glass and windshields can be removed in as little as 10-15 minutes, and quarter glass in as little as 3 minutes.

The Glass Blaster can be bought as an independent kit or included as an accessory with either the Inductor Series Pro Max and Max models.

Leading the industry in patented Flameless Induction Heating tools for over 17 years, Induction Innovations is a family owned, American manufacturer. We have a model for every budget and every need, so call now toll-free (877) 688-9633 or contact us here.

Increased Profitability, Decreased Headache

The Glass Blaster pays for itself almost instantly:

  • Eliminates down-time waiting for sub-contractors
  • Reduce/eliminate need for consumables
  • Salvage glass normally discarded in the repair process
  • Reduces overall labor time
  • Can also remove bonded panels to metal and spray-on bed liners

Thermal Gel Adds Heat Protection to Process

Worried about burning paint with induction heating? Using Cold Shield Thermal Spray Gel with your Glass Blaster helps prevent heat damage to finished surfaces in the work area, including metal, plastic, cloth and vinyl.

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