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Cold Shield Thermal Spray Gel (32 oz.) helps eliminate the possibility of over-heating painted surfaces and damaging rubber encapsulation when removing automotive glass with the Inductor Glass Blaster® and Inductor Lite Glass Blaster.

The Cold Shield spray nozzle has two settings:

  • Stream: allows a thicker bead where the rubber touches the metal when pulling encapsulated glass
  • Spray: works well when protecting painted surfaces

Note: we can’t ship Cold Shield in winter because it becomes a gel and won’t be able to spray, so order now to ensure you have a can on-hand.

Usage Tips

We recommend using Cold Shield on any painted surface to give added protection from overheating the paint, which can discolor or damage the painted surface.

We also recommend using the stream mode of the nozzle rather than the spray mode to allow you to put a thick bead on the painted surface adjacent the glass.

Lastly, we recommend using Cold Shield when there is encapsulation around the glass to ensure the metal surface doesn’t get too hot to damage the rubber.


  • Apply directly onto finished surfaces, including painted metal surfaces, plastic, cloth, vinyl, etc.
  • Apply Cold Shield on the rear of the induction heating area to reduce discoloration and distortion on lightweight metal (except aluminum)

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