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Team Induction Visits the Salvage Yard for a Demonstration in Glass Removal

Thursday July 9, 2020

Induction Innovations Takes a Trip to the Salvage Yard

The Induction Innovations marketing and sales team recently visited a salvage yard for some hands-on experience removing auto glass using handheld induction heating tools.

Our guide was Jose Alvarez of Achieve Auto Glass in Carpentersville, Illinois. Alvarez is a master auto recycler who demonstrated the use of induction heating tools for removing windshields, quarter glass and other auto glass. With his assistance, we successfully removed three windshields and two quarter glass panels

Auto Recycling & Salvage Yards Utilizing Induction Heat

Auto Recyclers like Achieve Auto Glass are in the business of removing and repurposing valuable parts from vehicles. Induction heating tools provide recyclers with a faster, cleaner, and safer process for removing bonded auto glass without the need for wires, knives or other traditional tools that can take longer and damage nearby parts. Using induction heat, the process takes only minutes to complete and there is no collateral damage to the glass or the paint, resulting in more profitability for auto recyclers.

Break the Bond: Removing Auto Glass

During our visit, we used the Inductor® Max with the Glass Blaster Attachment. We started the process by heating one corner of the glass, keeping the attachment at least 1” away from the edge of the painted surface.

We found the 1” mark by using our heat resistant L-Wedge (which contains a ruler) to locate the urethane adhesive. Then we moved the heating attachment back and forth about 12” from either side of the corner, working the tool slowly at about ½” per second.

Listen for the Sizzle!

Once the vapor was visible, we knew we had reached the optimal temperature for releasing the urethane, which sounded like bacon sizzling in a pan. When we heard that sizzle, we applied outward pressure to break the bond and release the glass.

L-Wedge Battles the Suction Cup

The L-wedge is Induction Innovation’s standard accessory for glass removal and the tool worked successfully for us. We also had the opportunity to practice the process using suction cups in place of the L-Wedge. When used in a body shop, the suction cups can provide a cleaner release than the L-Wedge, which can damage paint if too much pressure is applied.

Keep it Cool Out There!

For additional protection against overheating the paint, it is a good idea to keep a cooling agent nearby like Cold Thermal Shield Spray. We recommend applying it directly on the paint in any adjacent areas.

Also, per the instruction manual, always have a fire extinguisher ready just in case!

Learn More About the Glass Blaster

For more on glass removal, watch this video demonstrating the Glass Blaster removing a windshield in just minutes.

Contact us to learn more about the Glass Blaster for Auto Recyclers