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Top Tool Distributor Questions We Get at Trade Shows

Friday June 11, 2021

Dana Demoing Mini-Ductor Venom HPAnd we’re back! In the last few weeks, the team here at Induction Innovations has made the return to in-person trade shows with two tool distributor shows: Matco and Mac Tools both held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. It’s been great to get back into the swing of things! One great benefit we have of meeting distributors in person is that they can see demos of the product and ask us questions. 

We’re going to cover the most commonly asked questions that distributors have and how we, here at Induction Innovations, can help you sell our product!

Top Questions Tool Distributors Ask

What is the difference between the Mini-Ductor II, Venom, and Venom HP?

We’re glad you asked! We even have an entire blog dedicated to this question which you can read here.

Let’s break down the basics. The Mini-Ductor II is very similar to our original design. It features an inline cylinder design with a grenade grip, push-button activation, and thumbscrews to lock the coils into place. The Mini-Ductor II is 1000 watts of power.

The next step up is the Mini-Ductor Venom. The Venom features the same power as the MD-II, but it comes with design enhancements. The tool has an angled, pistol-grip design with a power trigger activation, a coil twist-lock feature that locks coils with one quick turn, and fan cooling enhancements. It also features an LED indicator light to let the user know whether the tool is functioning properly.

The Mini-Ductor Venom HP comes with all the same enhancements as the Venom, but it’s 1800 watts of power and capable of heating larger components. That’s almost twice the power!

NOTE: One thing we want to stress to distributors and users is that because the Venom HP is almost twice the power as the Venom, you don’t need to run the tool as long when heating components. We recommend trying 5-7 seconds of heat at first, try to wrench the fastener off, and repeat this process until it comes loose. This will avoid overheating the unit.

Do you manufacture anything smaller?

One question we receive from distributors is, “do you make anything smaller?” regarding the size of the Mini-Ductor. The Mini-Ductor products are a spin-off of the original product, the Inductor. They get their name because of their smaller, handheld design. To get all the enhancements in the tool housing, the tools cannot be any smaller.

Do you have a battery-operated or cordless option?

We have the Mini-Ductor 12 Volt which can be powered off a 12v battery or run off a vehicle’s battery. Great for those working in roadside repair or at a customer’s premise where regular power supplies aren’t available.

How can I boost my sales?

Showing customers how quickly the tool can heat bolts is the best way to sell it! We often demo our tool at trade shows by heating a bolt and putting it into a cup of water.

We know that distributors may not want to open their inventory and use coils that come with the Mini-Ductor kits so if you’d like your demo kit email us today! We’ll give you a cup with a bolt and a coil you can use just for demos. Read our blog on how demos can boost sales here.

Watch a quick recap of our demos here:

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