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Why a Master Coil Kit is Essential for Any Induction Heating User

Friday July 22, 2022

Master Coil Kit blogOne of the most effective ways to optimize efficiency in any business is to always have a wide variety of resources on hand. For industries like auto body repair, agriculture & farming, boating & marine operators, and trucking & construction, repairs are often required when parts seize or wear from salt and calcium build-up.

Induction heating tools like Inductor® Series Models and Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater Tool Models from Induction Innovations are optimal solutions that are safe and effective when bonded parts need to be removed or if moldings must be taken off. You can also use an induction coil heater for bolts that are seized and won’t budge without intervention.

Additionally, as with any type of induction heater, having the right number of accessories in your induction heating coil kit is essential. That’s where the Master Coil Kit comes into play. Let’s take a look at what is included in the Master Coil Kit, the benefits of having an extensive number of flexible induction heating coils, and how you can save by selecting all of your Master Coils through one organized kit.

Select Your Master Coil Kit

What is the Master Coil Kit and What Does it Include?

The comprehensive induction heating coil kit, known as the “Master Coil Kit,” is a comprehensive collection of every coil kit that Induction Innovations offers.

Thirty coils are included from the following steel master coil collections and can be used extensively with the Mini-Ductor® induction heater:

With the Master Coil Kit, mechanical shop owners, salvage technicians, and CNC machinists can quickly remove corroded components, thread lock compounds, and metallic hardware without the safety risks and time-intensive processes of a traditional torch.

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The Benefits of Choosing the Master Coil Kit

With all of the best induction heating coil designs, lengths, and sizes included in the Master Coil Kit, users have the ability to integrate coils with the Mini-Ductor® for an endless number of applications. In addition to this major benefit, there are several others:

  • Master Kit coils come in a variety of types and you are guaranteed to have a tool for tight corners, hard-to-reach spaces, or areas that you would normally need to cover or remove to avoid fire hazards with a traditional torch.
  • Coils can be used several hundred times when implemented correctly without abrasion or overheating.
  • Replacement of coils after extensive use is less frequent as many coils are provided in sets of two, three, and four.
  • Every induction heating coil is coated and will withstand minimal abrasion. Replace your coil if the coating becomes ruptured.
  • They are flexible induction heating coils that can be bent or formed around numerous application configurations.

With 30 coils at your fingertips, induction heating for any industry becomes easy with the Master Coil Kit.

Keeping Induction Heating Coil Prices Low

As with any successful operation, it’s critical to keep induction heating coil costs affordable for your bottom line. This is one of the most important reasons to select a Master Coil Kit from Induction Innovations. Instead of securing coils through separate kits, you have the ability to save more on a combined kit of induction heating coil tools.

You receive:

  • The complete collection of our Standard Coil Kit, Essential Coil Kit, Long Coil Kit, Bearing Buddy® Coil Pack, and Thin Wall Coil Pack at a reduced cost.
  • 30 professional induction heating coils, ranging from (4) 7/8″ pre-formed coils (MD99-601: 5″L x 1.25″W) to a 6” x 12” Heat Resistant Insulator (MD99-612).
  • Infinite savings that avoid costs incurred from collateral damage, tool damage, property damage, fuel costs, and more with traditional oxy-acetylene.
  • Cost savings with more available uses (such as on aluminum).

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