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5 YouTube Induction Heat Reviews & Hot Dog Recipes You Won’t Want to Miss

Wednesday August 12, 2020
Hot Dog Cooking from Pabst Boys Roadhouse

Do you hear that sizzle? The sound of a red-hot bolt cooling in a pan of water at the end of a Mini-Ductor demo is a bit of soundtrack heard frequently in the many review videos found on YouTube. There is also the occasional hiss of a hot dog cooking.

Induction Heat vs. Open Flame

In demonstration after demonstration, our Mini-Ductor Product Line proves that induction heat is safer and faster than an open flame for removing rusted or corroded parts. Induction heating tools allow heat to be precisely targeted, heating only the ferrous metal within the coil, with no risk to adjacent parts. It’s a fast, effective performance that has inspired many tool influencers and tech-savvy mechanics to create their own video demonstrations.

Mini-Ductor Products in the Spotlight

We’ve done our research into the array of reviews out there, from tool comparison videos to application demonstrations, to the culinary arts. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Shop Tool Reviews

Shop Tool Reviews

Shop Tool Reviews features professional tool reviews for mechanics and has produced two videos featuring the Mini-Ductor Venom: one on YouTube and the other on their IGTV channel. The YouTube video, “Heat Rusty Bolts RED-HOT in Seconds – Mini-Ductor Venom MDV-777” is worth a watch for the in-depth look at coil usage — the reviewer showcases the coil kit that comes with the tool, demonstrating how to use various coils for removing bolts, fasteners and even soft dents.

The IGTV video is a shorter version of the YouTube video and includes a demonstration of the Mini-Ductor Venom’s ability to cook a hot dog. The hot dog has a steel rod inside and smokes like a chimney when heated by the tool.

Real Tool Reviews

2. Real Tool Reviews

Real Tool Reviews’ video on the Mini-Ductor II is a great resource for anyone looking to purchase the tool. The reviewer covers every feature of the MD-II and goes through two applications in real-time to show the viewer just how fast and efficient this tool is. What sets this video apart as well, is that the reviewer creates his own custom wrench using induction heat. Click here to watch the video or visit our blog to learn more.

3. Pabst Boys Roadhouse

Pabst Boys Roadhouse

These guys are serious about their love for Pabst Blue Ribbon! But also, the Mini-Ductor II. In their video – Mini Ductor 2 – Flameless Heating Tool – Roadhouse Review– the Pabst Boys, Clyde and Tommy, begin with an overview of their decision to buy the tool. Road salt used to make icy roads safer takes a toll on vehicles, leading to seized and rusted bolts. In comes the MD-II to save the day! In their garage, the boys successfully remove salt-covered, rusted bolts on a car bumper.

There’s a lunch break while the boys use the tool to heat up, what else? A hot dog. Tommy slides the dog off a metal rod into a bun, adds some mustard and deems it lunch-worthy.

Then back to business – the guys end by using the mini-pad to remove a Pabst Blue Ribbon sticker – though not to upset their fans, they put a new one back on. These guys take their reviews and their beer seriously.

4. CP the Tool Addict

CP has been an auto technician for 20 years and is a supporter of quality tools. On his channel, he covers the newest and highest-powered of the Mini-Ductors, the Venom HP. This video – Venom HP Hot Dog Cooker or Mini-Ductor? – is a rare look into the HP, highlighting the power differences between the Venom and Venom HP. The Venom runs on 1000 watts and the Venom HP at 1800 watts. He runs real time speed tests to see how quickly the tool can get a bolt hot, and, naturally, he attempts to cook a hot dog.

The hot dog isn’t cooked on a metal rod so it doesn’t get hot, but it’s a demonstration of the fact that only ferrous metals heat up within the coil.

5. Warman Autoworks LLC

Mini-Ductor Venom Video Goes Viral

What’s interesting about Warman Autoworks is that they focus mainly on classic car restoration — the business fuels the content for the videos Terry Warman produces. His video, “A Cool Tool for Removing Rusted Bolts and Fasteners” has been seen over 6.5 million times. The video demonstrates a real time effort to get stuck bolts off a 1948 Ford pickup engine using the Mini-Ductor Venom. It’s a very convincing demonstrating, despite the fact that Warman does not attempt to cook a hot dog. Read more about this video and Warman’s follow-up videos on our blog.

Honorable Mentions Among Mini-Ductor Reviews

While we can’t list every video review of our tools, there are a few others we’d like to highlight, including this Snap-On Mini-Ductor 2 Review which compares the Mini-Ductor II to a gas flame torch. The reviewer runs the Mini-Ductor and the torch at the same time to determine which is faster and more powerful. Can you guess which tool wins? And just for fun, there is also this dramatic take on hot dog cooking.

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