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Exhaust Manifold Bolt Removal

Removing Exhaust Manifold Bolts with the Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater & Flameless Torch

Removing exhaust bolts is often a lengthy, difficult and frustrating task for auto mechanics. Nuts securing the bolts rust easily and, as they're usually placed in hard-to-reach areas, it makes it very difficult to remove them.

However, help is at hand. The Mini-Ductor handheld induction heating tool, uses Invisible Heat® that heats ferrous metal (containing iron), and some non-ferrous metal, parts in seconds. This allows all types of adhesives bonded to metal, bonded with thread lock compound and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker and more safely than by traditional naked flame heating. And there's no costly and time consuming damage to surrounding areas.

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Induction Heating vs. The Naked Flame

The Mini-Ductor has multiple benefits that keep mechanics safer and it helps remove problem parts quickly and easily:

  • Safety: there's no longer the need to use a naked flame, which risks a potential explosion by igniting fumes from the exhaust or fuel tank
  • Efficiency: Mini-Ductor bendable coils produce high frequency magnetic fields and they're ideal for accessing hard to reach areas, such as where exhaust bolts sit; this ensures heat is localized on the problem part only, not the surrounding area; using the coil, a 3/4" nut is heated red hot in 15 seconds; the heat expands the nut and breaks down corrosive bonds
  • Increased competitive advantage: the next time you have to quote a job with new parts because the old ones have rusty hardware that will be damaged in removal, consider the competitive advantage you could have if you didn't damage those parts; there's no need to force problem parts off when using the Mini-Ductor
  • Increased productivity and profits: as a result of these efficiencies, the Mini-Ductor can help increase your garage's productivity by over 50%; because downtime is minimized, parts can be re-used and insurance premiums are reduced by typically 10-30% if an acetylene system is replaced with the Mini-Ductor; so automotive professionals can save money and accelerate their profitability

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